Benefits of Large Movable Storage Containers in Melbourne: Maximizing Space and Convenience

Portable storage is a versatile storage solution. It offers many services and sizes for different needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a young couple or a big family, you can all benefit from portable storage.

If you’re busy, portable storage can help smooth your storage experience with serviced options that include packing, loading and transport too.

All you need to do is choose the perfect size for your needs. So, how do I know which size I need? Should I consider the large 20ft shipping containers? Click here for more information.

Keep scrolling and learn all about portable storage.

How Do I Know My Perfect Unit Size?

There are four standard storage unit sizes, which are;

  • 6ft units = 10 cubic metres capacity = $22.95 per week
  • 8ft units = 12 cubic metres capacity = $24.95 per week
  • 10ft units = 19 cubic metres capacity = $34.95 per week
  • 20ft units = 38 cubic metres capacity = $59.95 per week

Each container can fit a different amount of stuff. If you are an individual or a couple, you might only need to use a small unit.

A 6ft unit can store up to 2 bedrooms worth of stuff. Bigger than the 6ft, the 8ft unit can fit 2.5 bedrooms worth of stuff.

If you need storage for a big project, you could use the 10ft or 20ft units. You can put 3 bedrooms worth of things inside a 10ft unit. One 20ft unit can fit a whole house’s worth of stuff.

But, this is a rough estimate. Your room can have less or more stuff than the usual room. So, the best way is to measure the total cubic metres (m3) you need to store.

How can you do that?

Measure all of your things, like your furniture. See how long, wide, and tall they are. Then, multiply the length, width, and height.

For example, a single mattress. A single mattress is 190 cm long, 92 cm wide, and 30 cm tall. Convert the cm to m, then multiply them.

1.9 m x 0.92 m x 0.3 m = 0.53 m3.

After you measure all of your things, get the total and compare it to the units’ capacity.

Benefits of Larger Containers

If you count the price per cubic metre, bigger units are actually cheaper. Let’s compare the prices.

Divide the weekly prices by the units’ cubic metres.

  • 6ft units = 10 cubic metres = $22.95

$22.95 / 10 cubic metres = $2.29 per cubic metre per week

  • 8ft units = 12 cubic metres = $24.95

$24.95 / 12 cubic metres = $2.07 per cubic metre per week

  • 10ft units = 19 cubic metres = $34.95

$34.95 / 19 cubic metres = $1.83 per cubic metre per week

  • 20ft units = 38 cubic metres = $59.95

$59.95 / 38 cubic metres = $1.57 per cubic metre per week

From this breakdown, you can see that the bigger containers are cheaper. So, if you are thinking of renting three 6ft units instead of one 20ft unit, think again.

Plus, one 20ft unit is still bigger than the total of three 6ft units. Therefore, if you do need a lot of space, take a bigger unit.

Other benefits of larger units are;

  • Can fit all furniture (sofas, tables, refrigerators, washing machines) items all at once
  • You can store a car inside a 20ft unit
  • 20ft units can also fit vehicles like jet skis, boats, and caravans
  • Adequate space for large business stock
  • Suitable for big moves and  renovations – no need to go back and forth

Large Portable Storage Services

There are four main portable storage services. They all have distinct features to meet different needs.

1. Portable Serviced Storage

Some people’s schedules are so packed that they don’t have time to pack their things for storage.

If this is you, use portable serviced storage. You literally don’t need to do anything. The storage company will send some removalists with a storage unit to your place.

Then, the removalists will pack and load all your belongings inside the unit. After your things are inside, your unit will go to the storage facility.

2. Portable Self Storage

Portable self-storage is a service for organised people. Like portable serviced storage, the company will deliver and store the storage unit.

However, you are the one loading your things inside. This makes it easier for you to remember where you put all your things.

Moreover, you can organise the inside of the unit yourselves.

3. Portable Onsite Storage

Renovating? Laying new floors? If you need some storage, but still require daily access to your tiems, Portable Onsite Storage is the answer.

With onsite storage, the unit will be stored at your house. It will be positioned outdoors, usually in a flat open space like a driveway or front yard.

Once you are ready to return the unit, give the company a phone call to collect it.


Portable storage is a helpful storage solution. With many size options to choose from, there will be a perfect unit for every need.

There are 4 standard unit sizes, which are 6ft units, 8ft units, 10ft units, and 20ft units. These four sizes can fit from 2 bedroom worth of things to a whole house’s worth of stuff.

However, renting a bigger unit is better because it is actually cheaper than the small one. One 20ft unit is $1.57 per cubic metre per week. A 6ft unit, on the other hand, is $2.07 per cubic metre per week.

Plus, a bigger unit is much more versatile. It can store cars, vehicles, or even inventory for your business. It is also handy for a big move. A big unit can fit tables, refrigerators, and sofas all at once. So, there’s no need for you to go back and forth.

Lastly, portable storage offers three specialised services. These services can suit people with busy schedules and different preferences. Therefore, your needs will always be fulfilled.