Why Branded Bottled Water is the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Bottled water that we see in five hundred or six hundred milliliter bottles all around us is the next big thing in marketing. The aim and end goal of any marketing venture is to spread brand awareness and brand name as far and wide as possible.

Bottled water, which is universally useful for all people across the planet, provides the perfect opportunity to reach the maximum number of people in the most effective manner that is possible. So if you are the owner of a business organization that is looking for new and innovative marketing opportunities, then you must find on this site a company that creates your own branded bottled water.

Why Private Label Branded Bottled Water Is So Effective As A Marketing Tool

1. Widespread Reach And Acceptability

One of the most difficult tasks for any marketing team is to find widespread acceptability. There are very few objects that find universal acceptability all around the globe, and pure drinking water is one such thing that is universally accepted and recognized. If you were to advertise and promote any other food product, then you would have to face cultural barriers.

For instance, if you tie up with a brand that sells burgers, then you may find obstacles in penetrating markets that are purely vegetarian or reaching out to people who are vegan. But pure and drinkable water is something that is a necessity for all and is not shunned by any society, culture or race.

Moreover, with the present trend of health consciousness, more people have started replacing other soft drinks, energy drinks, and juices with plain water. So if you are promoting your brand through plain drinking bottled water, then you are in sync with the current trend and promoting your company in a healthy manner.

In fact, there are many celebrities from sports to showbiz who have advocated their support for drinking plain water instead of other drinks. So if you have your own brand of plain bottled water, then getting celebrities on board for endorsements will also be quite an easy task.

2. Easy To Spread The Message

If you have to spread the name of your company far and wide, the mode of the advertisement has to be highly mobile. Now if you use a more traditional method of advertising, that is, a billboard or a print advertisement, you will be highly restricted. However, if you decide to manufacture your own brand of bottled water, then you need to be restricted.

In fact, if you have the right collaborations, then you can ship your own brand of bottled water to every nook and corner of the world. Thus if you want your company to truly go global, then bottled drinking water is one of the best options.

3. A Whole Lot Of Space To Advertise Your Brand

When you wish to spread the name of your company or organization far and wide, then the brand name, logo, or tagline of your company should be clear and visible to the buyer or the potential consumer. Data from studies and surveys show that seventy-five percent of people trust any form of advertisement that they see in printed form.

So if you print the name and logo of your company, you can make three-fourths of the consumers aware of the presence of your company. Moreover, when you print your company’s name and logo on a bottle of drinking water, then the cost of advertising is much less in comparison to giving a printed advertisement in a popular newspaper on an everyday basis.

Every marketing team tries to achieve maximum reach or output at minimum cost, and branded bottled drinking water is perfect as the input is minimal, whereas the output is maximum.

4. Ability To Offer A Lot Of Varieties

Most people have the mistaken belief that bottled water cannot be diversified further. However, that is not the case. You can offer bottled water in different sizes. You can also offer mineral or vitamin-infused water. In the present times, there are several varieties of sparkled water, fruit flavor-infused water, etc. which have a huge market.

There are many companies that offer spring water. These are obtained from the most pristine natural resources, and hence people perceive them as free of toxins and pollutants.

Most of the options, like mineral or vitamin-infused products or water from natural springs, are promoted as having several health benefits. So if you start selling these products, you are not only supplying something that can simply quench thirst, but you are supplying something that has huge health benefits.

5. Ability To Offer An Environmentally Sustainable Product

Today all companies are very conscious of their ecological footprint, and they want their advertisements to be sustainable too. So if you are selling packaged drinking water bottles, then your means of advertisement is quite eco-friendly. In fact, most of the plastic that goes into the manufacturing of pouches or bottles can be collected and recycled. So you need not worry too much about the environmental ramifications of your product.

6. There Is A lot Of Untapped Demand In The Market

If you wish to reach many markets via a given product, the market should not be already saturated. This means that there should be a lot of untapped demand in that sector which can be tapped by your company. Although there are many companies that sell packaged drinkable products, there is a lot of untapped potential in this sector, which can be effectively utilized by your company.


Big companies spend several million dollars on promoting their products. However, many advertising strategies fail because the type of promotion may not be the most suitable. At times the market is too saturated; at other times, the spread or reach of the brand is not adequate. However, at present, there are many products like packaged drinkable items that have a huge potential as well as great demand in markets across the world.