The CEE’s Premier SEO Event: Presenting SEO Vibes 2024

The CEE's Premier SEO Event: Presenting SEO Vibes 2024

The grandeur of Budapest is about to get magnified with the highly anticipated SEO Vibes Conference this October. If you’re part of the SEO community, get ready to mark your calendar, because the biggest SEO gathering in the CEE region beckons.

Organized by the international content marketing platform WhitePress, SEO Vibes is the largest SEO Event in the CEE region this year and brings a range of international and local experts.

Central and Eastern Europe: The Heart of SEO

Central and Eastern Europe: The Heart of SEO

In recent years, the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region has metamorphosed into a vibrant SEO market. Recognizing the potential of this rapid growth, WhitePress saw an opportunity – an opportunity to converge SEO specialists from all nearby countries at a singular platform.

That’s how the SEO Vibes conference was made into reality – a symbiotic space where knowledge is disseminated, and connections are forged.

Historically, the CEE region has been recognized for offering high-quality services at competitive prices. The SEO industry is no exception.

International businesses are increasingly turning to CEE-based SEO agencies for their campaigns, knowing they can get top-tier services without the hefty price tag that might come from other markets.

The CEE region is not just home to top-tier SEO professionals but also to a growing number of SEO tools and platforms. These tools, often created in response to the unique challenges and needs of the local market, are gaining popularity worldwide.

Their global success stands testament to the innovation and forward-thinking of the CEE’s digital community.

A Unique Opportunity for CEE’s SEOs: SEO Vibes

One distinct advantage the CEE region has fostered is a strong sense of community. Regular meet-ups, conferences, and events, like the SEO Vibes Conference in Budapest, provide platforms for experts to share insights, debate the latest trends, and collaborate on projects.

This community-driven approach has created a robust ecosystem where knowledge is continuously shared and refined.

SEO Vibes will take place on October 5th 2024 in Budapest, in the historic Eiffel Art Studios. Built in the 19th century, the Eiffel Art Studios was once the maintenance hall for the Hungarian Royal Railways.

Its name pays homage to the celebrated engineer Gustave Eiffel, best known for the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. The deliberate juxtaposition of a bygone era with today’s technological prowess adds layers of depth to the SEO Vibes Conference.

The main lectures of the conference will take place on the Banffy Stage, located within the Studios. This stage has witnessed numerous art performances, and now it is set to host the masterminds of the SEO world, providing a platform for innovative ideas and strategies that shape the digital landscape of our time.

Just as SEO is about connecting different web elements to create a harmonious online experience, the Eiffel Art Studios reflects a seamless blend of Budapest’s historical legacy with its burgeoning artistic culture.

The venue is more than just a physical location; it’s a symbol. As the digital landscape continually evolves, so too does the world of art.

By hosting the conference here, WhitePress not only offers participants a unique sensory experience but also a reminder that in the realms of creativity and innovation, history and modernity can coexist harmoniously.

What Is the Aim of SEO Vibes?

What Is the Aim of SEO Vibes?

The goal is simple: to provide a holistic view of SEO, both from a local and a global lens. You can expect a range of presentations and speeches on some of the SEO world’s most pressing issues and news, including the use of AI, as well as plenty of case studies to go along with it.

This year, some of the best-known international and local SEO experts will be visiting to give speeches and educate, including CEOs of the CEE region’s most prominent, leading companies.

But it’s not all work and no play. The spirit of Budapest celebrated as one of the finest party cities in Europe, is bound to be palpable. WhitePress promises an experience that transcends what regular conferences are usually confined with. The conference aims to immerse attendees in the authentic vibe of Budapest.

For those who want to kickstart their experience a day earlier, the Danube cruise on October 4th is the perfect prelude. As part of the exclusive Jazzy package, participants can soak in the panoramic views of Budapest while sipping on the famed Hungarian wine, Tokay.

Meet the Experts: Panels at SEO Vibes 2024

Meet the Experts: Panels at SEO Vibes 2024

Gaetano Romeo

With an illustrious career started in 2003, Gaetano’s prowess in the digital realm has seen him work with giants like Zalando and Groupon. Today, he’s revered as a Growth Manager, Start-up Mentor, and a brand Influencer for platforms like Semrush.

Natalia Witczyk

International & Tech SEO Consultant, Natalia, based in Barcelona, tailors digital strategies for a myriad of companies targeting international markets. Her expertise has been recognized by the likes of the EU & UK Search Awards.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

Founder and CEO of Holistic SEO & Digital, Koray has an extensive portfolio, having collaborated with over 300 diverse companies on their SEO strategies. He integrates Data Science seamlessly into his work, making his insights invaluable.

Daniel Duriš

Lead Consultant at Basta Digital, Daniel’s vast experience since 2003 has positioned him as an expert in search engine optimization and analytics. His contribution to Basta Digital has seen it become a leading performance digital marketing firm in the EU.

Richard Klačko

As the SEO Team Leader at Taste, Richard has been at the forefront of innovations, publications, and education in the domain. His leadership has driven the Czech digital agency to new heights in the industry.

Kyle Roof

Owner of the High Voltage SEO agency, Kyle’s global influence spans from Melbourne to Berlin. As the co-creator of the revered PageOptimizer Pro, and a co-founder of the illustrious Internet Marketing Gold community, he’s become an indispensable figure in the SEO realm. His unparalleled techniques and groundbreaking discoveries are sought-after by industry leaders worldwide.

Robert Niechciał

As the CTO & Partner at, Robert boasts 18 years in SEO. An unrelenting tech enthusiast, he dedicates his expertise to reverse engineering Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. Recognized both in Poland and on the global stage, his insights continuously inspire his peers.


Join these SEO stalwarts at the SEO Vibes Conference and delve deep into the ever-evolving realm of search engine optimization!

For further details and to grab your ticket, head over to the official SEO Vibes landing page.