Sun Print Solutions Purchased by Employees Making It Utah’s Largest Woman-Owned Printer

Sun Print Solutions

Sun Print Solutions, a Utah-based printing company, is under new leadership. Longtime employees, Sara Deneau and Jennifer Burrell, purchased the company, making it the largest 100 percent woman-owned printer in the state of Utah.

The company, which was established in 1941, is renowned for functioning at the cutting-edge of printing technology, starting with the then-revolutionary offset printing and growing into one of the industry’s largest sheet-fed and digital printers. Now, under its new ownership, Sun Print Solutions looks to continue its growth and pioneering attitude.

“The opportunity to purchase Sun Print Solutions is an honor as well as a large responsibility,” said Deneau. “Jennifer and I are up to the challenge and are excited to continue growing and evolving Sun Print until the next generation of employees is ready to take the torch and continue the legacy.”

It has been a long-standing tradition at Sun Print Solutions for employees to purchase the company from current owners, but Deneau and Burrell mark the first time that the company was purchased entirely by women. Having worked for Sun Print for years, both Deneau and Burrell were already functioning in leadership roles, making the transition to the new leadership easier.

Sun Print Solutions meeting

“I feel very fortunate that my professional journey has taken me to a company with the best people in the industry at my side,” said Burrell. “As CEO of Sun Print Solutions, my goals include exceeding the expectations of not only our clients but also the team of our exemplary colleagues. Sara and I will be here to support and lead them to reach their full potential. As Sun Print approaches 80 years in business, we will continue to be a major player in the printing technology industry for Utah and the West.”

Along with pioneering new printing technology, Sun Print Solutions has a legacy of also caring for its employees. It is the only commercial union printing company in Utah officially licensed to print the union label of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents more than 60,000 men and women who work in the printing and publishing industry. The GCC/IBT label signifies that products are American-made and that the employees of that company work with security and exceptional benefits.

This heritage of helping employees now matched by the entirely female ownership of the company will open the company up to more opportunities as a diverse and progressive employer.