Can you overcharge AAA rechargeable batteries?


Things are always changing in our world. We are developing new technologies and gadgets to improve our lifestyle. Overcharging has been a serious issue for our battery-operated things. We are humans and we often forget to remove the device from charging. And as a result of our forgetfulness, the gadget or device gets problems with its battery.

Consequently, the service life of batteries reduces and we suffer from it. Then we buy new batteries or buy a new device.

Therefore, to get rid of so much trouble, we now have batteries that have an in-built feature that makes them stop getting charged once their battery is full. This is an amazing innovation but does it work for all the existing batteries?

Our main question is, whether this innovation will work on AAA rechargeable batteries or not.

We have been using AAA batteries for a lot of things. We have a lot of battery-operated gadgets and appliances and a high number are dependent upon AAA batteries. Therefore, you will need some good-quality AAA batteries. And if you are looking for them, you can get them from eblofficial. They have the best EBL Batteries with Charge. So go and get your battery from there.

So what is the answer? Are they going to bear over-charging or not?

As for the AAA batteries, you should avoid over-charging them. Although there are some brands that have good quality batteries and they won’t get any harm even if you over-charge them, mind the words. There are some brands, but not all. That is why, if you are not sure whether your batteries can bear that or not, you should avoid doing so.

How to protect your batteries?


If you want your batteries to live a long life, you need to protect them. And how will you do that? There are a few ways to do so. Let’s see that,

1. Use a good charger

The one thing that you can do is use a good charger. A good charger will protect the battery and will prevent any possible harm.

There is a category in the chargers that we call smart chargers. They are the best thing that you can do for your batteries. These chargers will prevent overcharging. So even if your batteries do not have this feature, your charger can have that. That is why having a good charger is a need. If you are forgetful and you do not want your batteries to suffer because of that, you should better get a smart charger.

These chargers not only prevent any possible harm to the batteries but also increase the service life. So if your battery was lasting only 300 charges with a regular charger, a smart one will increase this number to around 500.

2. Select the right type of charger


Another thing that you can do for a long-lasting battery for your cells is to choose the right type of charger. To do so, you need to check the type of your battery. Afterward, you will look at the description of the charger. Your charger should be compatible with the battery otherwise, it will cause an arm to it.

3. Pay attention to the chemistry of your batteries and their voltage

When you are purchasing a battery, you need to buy a charger that is compatible with it. And for compatibility, you need to check the chemistry and the voltage of the battery and the charger.

If the battery is NiMH, your charger should be suitable for that. If the battery is NiCd type, the charger should be suitable for that.

In addition to this, the voltage should be similar. You will find a varying voltage range in the market. That is why, when choosing the charger for your battery, you should pay special attention to its voltage. If there is a voltage difference, the battery might explode or at the very least, it will become useless.

4. Do not charge the batteries with different capacities

While charging your batteries, you should pay attention to the capacity of the battery. If one battery is of a high capacity and the other one has a lower capacity, you need to charge them separately. Because charging them together means that the batteries will get seriously harmed. One of your batteries might become completely useless.

5. Keep the batteries clean

If your batteries get exposed to water or any other dirt, their overall service life will reduce. Furthermore, even if you keep them out of water contact, they might still have some rusting on the surface. Therefore, you should maintain them and clean them regularly. When you remove a battery, make sure to clean its surface before recharging it.

Likewise, when you put a battery back in the gadget, you need to clean it. And for cleaning, you can use a clean pencil eraser. If not, you can also use a rough cloth. This will get rid of the stubborn particles on top of your batteries.

6. Do not leave the batteries for more than a day


When charging the batteries, you should mind the time. Even if the charger is a smart one and prevents overcharging, you should still need to stop charging it after 24 hours. This is the maximum time that you should give to the charger and the battery. So put them on recharge when you are available to remove them too.

7. Avoid storage in warm areas

When you are using batteries and battery-operated appliances, you will have a lot of batteries at your place. Therefore, you will also have some sort of storage space there. The important thing here is that you need to avoid making storage space in a warm area. Make sure the batteries are stored in a relatively moderate temperature or colder one. But it should never be warm. Because warmer areas tend to harm the battery surface and make them useless and also reduce their service life.