Online Casinos Games and Bonuses


Every day millions of people play their favorite games in hundreds of online casino portals that offer a wide array of games and bonuses. These players form part of a passionate group who seeks the thrills against machines and dealers. If you are just getting in or are new to casinos, you are in for an awesome ride in this quick guide to casino games.

What are online casinos?

The Las Vegas trip attracts millions of tourists every year and they come looking for pleasure and adventure in the most lavished casinos. There are tons of tables, machines, dealers, and the thrills of outwitting the computer or the dealer,run through their veins, as they pull the bars, roll the dice, spin the wheel, and arrange the cards. What if you could do this from the comfort of your home or your mobile device?

That is where comes in. These are betting portals that bring the look and feel of Las Vegas to your privacy. These casinos host similar games in a virtual sense but with all the thrills and attributes attached. You can still pull the slot machine bar, roll the dice on the roulette table, spin the wheel, and arrange your cards for your poker hands.

Online Casino Games


There are tons of top online casino games and it can safely be said that there are more varieties than are available in Las Vegas. The main games are all present but with more options, styles, and designs. The slot machines, blackjack tables, poker games, roulette, keno, bingo, baccarat, and similar.

Online casino games have different formats and styles and may differ from Las Vegas only in the location, they are on your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. A typical slot machine may feature more than the standard three columns seen through the strip and may appear in different skins, and features.

  • Slot Machines: This game allows the user to align 2 – 3 items (some machines offer 4 -5 items), of different shapes. Some skins may use numbers, fruits, games, popular figures, or even nudity. The online version gets ahead of Las Vegas in offering more skins and features.
  • Blackjack: The game version of Blackjack only needs a live dealer to equal Las Vegas. The game is the same and has different types and skins for tables. Blackjack casino players try to add the total of their cards as closely as possible to 21, or land exactly on twenty-one. The thrill is beating the computer to it.
  • Poker: This is one of the oldest games in the history of gambling dating back to the world wars when American soldiers first received the cards to pass time. The kick of the casino game is to place either three or five cards in established arrays. These include four-of-a-kind, pairs, straight, flush, royal flush, or the full house. The online casino game showcases the same skills but now against the computer.
  • Roulette: This is like a wheel of fortune, only that you can choose the numbers you like. This game was made popular in the James Bond movies and continues to be the agents favorite The online casino games offer a minimum of three roulette versions – the American, the Russian, and the French roulette.
  • Baccarat: This game is similar to Blackjack except that the player aims to score nine. Whoever gets closer wins. However, if the player wins, he is paid two times his bet amount. The online casino games version offers different varieties such as mini-baccarat, punto banco, and speed baccarat.

Is it safe to play with online casinos?


Most critics vote against online casino games insisting that it is a risky venture and have no guarantee. However, most of them are as legal as the brick-and-mortar casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Here are a few pointers why

  1. Licensed Entities: Online casinos are licensed by the government regulating body where they operate. They must have a registered corporation, a legal and physical address, secured bank deposits, and paid ongoing permits. Some popular locations are Curacao, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Malta, and Nicaragua.
  2. Online Watchdog Groups: Besides the government regulators, there are watchdog sites that list all the necessary information about online casinos. These websites also allow users to share their experiences and some of them have contacts that allow them to intercede on behalf of the clients.
  3. Casino Review Sites: There are also portals that are dedicated to reviewing casinos, and will identify credibility and security for each stated casino.

How do online casino pay

They use regulated software that guarantees that there is fair play and an established minimum volume is returned to winners. They offer direct withdrawal to e-wallets, credit cards, or transfers.

Over the years, many payment gateways have made it easier to receive and transfer funds to casinos. Corporations such as Skrill, provide secure transactions that make it possible for the gamer to enjoy them without revealing sensitive information.

Getting started with online casino games

Playing online casino games is fairly easy. You can start by creating an account with one of the online casinos that are listed on a review or watchdog website. Once you have opened your account you can choose to try the look and feel of the casino without risking your own money.

These online casino game portals will provide you with free money to play with while you decide if this is a good fit for you.

Since most online casinos offer multiple languages, make sure that you navigate in your native language, or in one that you are a fluent speaker. Now give games a tour, flip the handle, turn the wheel, arrange your cards or just roll the dice.

You will soon discover that just like in Las Vegas only now in the comfort of your home, you are enjoying online casino games.