7 Fascinating Facts to Know about the Roulette Wheel

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Gambling is an old recreational activity where people place bets on a particular outcome, and if they place the right bets, they win money. Many people enjoy gambling; they enjoy playing the game and the thrill associated with the bet. Some others like it because they can display their skills and also make a fortune out of it.

The traditional forms of gambling have undergone many changes. Most importantly, Casinos have become online, and players can enjoy their favorite game without even visiting a traditional Casino. If a person wants to enjoy a gamble from the comforts of his house, he can visit Realmoneycasinoonline.ca.

Although the way in which people gamble has undergone many changes yet people’s favorite games have remained the same for centuries. Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette continue to be the most loved Casino games.

Of these, Roulette is a fairly simple game and is essentially a game of luck. However, central to Roulette is the Roulette wheel. There are many interesting facts about the spinning wheel, which are discussed below.

How Is Roulette Played

The game is simple and has a wheel and a ball that are set in motion. The wheel has many numbers and colors marked on it. A player places his bets on the numbers and the colors.

A person can place his bet on one single number or on multiple numbers.

After the wheel and the ball are spun, the ball eventually comes to rest and falls into a pocket that corresponds to any particular number and color. All those people who had placed their bets on that particular pocket win money, and all the others lose.

Knowing The Wheel Better

1. It Was Invented By Serendipity

Serendipity means a discovery that has happened by chance. The Roulette wheel was not invented by a gambler or the owner of a Casino but by a scientist. It was probably invented in the seventeenth or eighteenth century by a French scientist.

The scientist was trying to make a wheel that would continue to rotate forever once it was set in motion. However, the wheel did stop; but, it led to the discovery of the most famous Casino game ever.

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2. There Can Be Multiple Zeros

Most people might think that the spinning wheel has only a single zero; however, many wheels have more than one zero. In fact, the most common version of Roulette is the American format which uses two zeros. The European version usually has a single zero, and some Chinese versions have three zeros as well.

The zero usually has a green color. When the ball falls into the pocket corresponding to zero, then all the players lose money, and the Casino benefits. Hence, if there are two spots for a zero, the Casino has a higher chance of not making any payout at all.

Many players also place a bet on the number zero. The simple logic is that if the ball does fall into the pocket corresponding to zero, they will still win something, whereas everybody else will definitely lose.

3. All The Numbers Add Up To A Specific Figure

The numbers on the Roulette wheel always add up to six hundred and sixty six. This sum is constant irrespective of the version of Roulette. In the American version, there are two zeros and thirty eight pockets.

The European version has only one zero and thirty seven pockets. However, since zeros do not increase the sum of digits, the total always remains the same.

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4. The Direction In Which The Ball Rotates

In all versions of the game, the wheel and the ball move in opposite directions. If the wheel moves in the clockwise direction, the ball will move in the other direction and vice versa.

In fact, most Casinos alternatively rotate the wheel and the ball in a clockwise direction. This is done to assure the players that the wheel is fair and is not biased in favor of the Casino.

5. The Dealer Has A Specific Name

In most Casino games, there is a dealer who distributes the cards, collects the bets, etc. In a game of Roulette, the dealer has a specific name. He is known as a Croupier.

He collects the bets, spins the table, and he also guides the players in placing bets. Thus, in this case, the dealer aids the players, unlike in Blackjack, where the bets are placed against the dealer.

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6. There Is A Favorite Number

The game is purely based on luck, and each number has an equal probability of winning.

Hence, if someone has placed a bet on one number, his probability of winning is one part out of the total number of pockets on the table. Despite this, players seem to believe that the number seventeen has a higher chance of winning. Although there is no scientific reason for this, most players bet on the number seventeen.

7. The Game Has Very Strict Rules

Roulette has very strict rules. In most Casinos, no player can place a bet after the dealer has announced that the bets for a particular round have been closed.

Again, bets can only be placed in the form of chips and not in the form of actual currency. Also, people are not allowed to eat while they are playing. This is probably because tiny food particles can damage the spinning wheel.

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Exploring Chance: Intriguing Concept of Randomness

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The game of Roulette depends only on luck, and there is no strategy for winning. Hence, this game puts experienced players and new players at the same level to some extent.

Since luck is the only factor that leads to a win, this game has been named the game of the devil. This is because many people have lost a lot of money by playing the game where sheer luck matters.

Despite the limitations, Roulette continues to remain a loved game among casino lovers.

Today the game is available in online Casinos, and hence the popularity of this game is expected to rise and reach more people in the near future.