27 Seriously Hot Photos of Saweetie Which Are Truly Amazing

Saweetie is originally known as Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. The 1994-born vocalist has immense love for her grandmother who used to call her “Sweetie” and then she added an “a” in the middle of that name making it a unique name for her “Saweetie”.

Since her teenage, she has been fond of music and this passion reflects in her voice, her music videos, and every action of hers. She enjoys listening to Drake, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, and a few more.

By December 2024, Saweetie was listed among Under 30 celebrities and entrepreneurs by Forbes along with Soja Cat, Roddy Rich, and a few more big names. Within a short span of time, Saweetie has managed to win people’s hearts along with winning multiple awards and numerous recognitions including People’s choice & MTV Video Music Award. Surprisingly, not so long ago, she started her career in 2016 and by 2024 she is listed among the most successful and popular celebrities by most authentic and followed critics. In 2024, Saweetie was seen alongside Gwen Stefani in Gwen’s music video “Slow Clap”.

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Moving forward to discuss her appearance, her height is around 5 ft 7 inches and she has a beautiful, voluptuous figure. She has inherited African-American and Philippine-Chinese looks from her parents which adds attraction to her personality. Her dark brown eyes and hair are immensely astonishing and contribute a lot to her beauty.

Almost every day, her fans are super excited to see her posts on social media. Sometimes endorsing a brand and sometimes enjoying her personal ‘Me’ time. Saweetie has a charm that can not be described in words and that is why we have gathered some of her seriously hot photos that show how amazingly God has made this lady and blessed her with so much.

Thanks to Saweetie Instagram for the photos.