Jeez Louise! How Long Are Those T&Cs?! – Terms and Conditions Agreements


Have you ever made an online purchase, signed up for a service or even downloaded an app? Then the chances are you have been asked ,one way or another, to agree to a company’s Terms and Conditions (T&C’s).

If you usually just click the accept button, you are unfortunately not alone as a recent survey found that 90% of consumers accept the Terms and Conditions without reading them.

However, although they may all look the same structurally and are the size of a small novel, the contents of each T&Cs agreement varies dramatically depending on the service, product and company.

Remember you are not just clicking that “I agree” checkbox, you are actually entering into a legally binding contract made up of requirements, rules, regulations and standards.

As such, not knowing or understanding the contents of those T&C’s can severely negatively impact you and limit your future rights.

For all you know you could be signing away your rights to compensation, privacy and anything else you may be entitled to. Don’t forget the T&C’s are there to protect the company and the consumer.


Now with online casinos being more popular and accessible than ever it’s important for players to approach the T&C’s with caution.

They need to safeguard their interests and check to see if the T&C’s are clear and comprehensive, outlining the rules, regulations and expectations for both the online gaming provider and the player. This will guarantee a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for all.

At the end of the day, skipping this very important step will mean you’re only doing yourself a disservice. You cannot exactly blame the online casino provider you’re playing at, can you?

It is your responsibility as a player to go through all the conditions with a fine tooth comb, and, if there’s something you’re uncertain about or think is a bit iffy, think twice about claiming that no deposit bonus.

In this article, we will explore the importance of T&C’s for online gaming and why they are essential for anyone who wants to enjoy this popular pastime.

Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are a fun and attractive way to get new players into the virtual casino’s door and keep them as well as experienced players coming back for more.

For example, welcome bonuses are a great way to encourage incoming players and keep them on their site. However before you go and sign up to every casino offering a welcome incentive, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Before any winnings can be withdrawn the player will need to comply with the casino’s T&C’s which may include minimum wagering requirements, time limits and game restrictions, among others.

As such players should make sure they understand the conditions of the bonus before choosing to accept it as they might end up regretting it.

Players should also be aware that not all bonuses are created equal. While some may offer spins on specific games some may offer a higher percentage match but with higher wagering requirements.

There are also sticky bonuses which cannot be withdrawn but must be used instead of bets with the possibility of generating winnings. While non-sticky bonuses can be withdrawn after the wagering requirements are met.

Don’t be afraid to compare different bonus offers as well as their terms and conditions before picking a casino, as it’s important to understand what you stand to gain and what you could potentially lose.

Time Limits

free spin

Winning big may feel good but it’s essential to remember that the feeling comes with an expiration date. Yes, almost all bonuses, promotions and free spin offers provided by casinos have their own time limits. This generally refers to the period of time where a player must spend their bonuses and fulfill the requirements.

As a rule of thumb free spins, cashback and loyalty have a reduced time frame which could be as little as a 48 hour window. With regards to match deposit bonuses these limits are a little more complex as they must fulfill the casino’s wagering requirements which could be a time frame of a few days or week.

Wagering Requirements

One of the most important parts of a casino’s T&C’s for a player to understand is the wagering requirements. They dictate the amount of money that must be wagered prior to any earnings generated from the bonus can be withdrawn.

For example, if you have a £10 bonus attached to a 10x wager requirement, you will have to bet £100 on participating games before you can withdraw any potential earnings from the bonuses.

Understanding wager requirements are essential for players to develop effective strategies for meeting them. It is almost essential that players can determine whether or not a wager requirement is too high and might not be worth accepting, allowing them to make a more informed decision.

Additionally, being more knowledgeable about wagering requirements will also help players avoid disappointment if they are ever in a situation whereby they win money from a bonus by can’t withdraw their winnings because they did not meet the wagering requirements.

Max Withdrawal

withdraw money

It is very common for a casino to feature withdrawal limits in their T&C’s as they vary from casino to casino with some imposing €10,000 per month while others have a €30,000 limit, depending on the deposit method. However it is important to note that no casino can impose limits on progressive jackpot earnings as these are paid out by the game provider not the casino.