How Long Does It Take To Learn Networking Fundamentals? From Zero To Hero

How Long Does It Take To Learn Networking Fundamentals From Zero To Hero

Very often, in the business vocabulary, words begin to be used that we don’t even know the true meaning of. In addition to attracting attention, they leave the impression that we are knowledgeable about the topic, use terminology, follow the latest trends, and so on. One of them is networking.

The fact is that in the 21st century, we rely a lot on modern technology and it facilitates our daily functioning. Research shows that over 60% of the total population actively uses the Internet, and a large number of them also use social networks. We’ve all heard of Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

These social networks have proven to be very useful in renewing contact with people, following events in the lives of friends, and even for business because many advertise themselves in this way.

What Is Networking?

What Is Networking (1)

Digital technology, digital media, digital channels, and virtual communities make it possible to connect experts and interested stakeholders, which is not always possible in the real world due to several factors such as space, time, and finances.

Professional networking is a term that presupposes the creation of a community of professionals in a specific area with a common goal.

However, we are not talking about social networks here, but about employment opportunities, and that is exactly what networking does. This term m describes people who come into contact, get to know each other, strive to maintain that contact, and believe that sooner or later, it will “pay off” for them in one way or another.

It can be an offer for a new job or information that is valuable, but also – a new person that you wouldn’t otherwise meet, who can help you.

A business network is the same as any other social network that brings people together around a common topic and goal, which is better business. There are many positive experiences with business networking, especially in the form of promotion or sales. It represents a form of public relations and marketing.

How To Connect?

How To Connect

Before taking this step, it is important to think about your education and make a good resume. When registering on any business platform, you will be asked to state your previous work experience. In any case, the more versatile you are, the better.

Today, many seminars and training can help you to educate yourself about what you are interested in, as well as to get a certificate that will be a confirmation of your knowledge and entry into the world of business. You can visit this website to learn more about it.

Types Of Networking

There are several types of networking, namely operative, personal, group, and strategic. Each of these types is different, but with the same goal – to form a good network of contacts. Every networking is proactive and works on the principle of give and take. So first you have to give to get later.


The next step is waiting and you have to be very patient. While you wait, create a network of people around you, and connect with contacts that could be of importance to you. Don’t be disappointed if you wait for months for your first job, because it usually takes quite a long time until you enter that world.

Keep in mind that 80% of jobs are not found in standard job postings. This is not about hiding jobs and jobs. Some jobs are not advertised in newspapers and on portals, which is why they are visible to a small circle of people. The more acquaintances you have, the wider your network of contacts, the greater the probability that you will have information.

Creating a large social network is a long-term process and not something that can be achieved overnight. Already during the first years of study, you should start going to professional conferences, meet-ups, and other networking events.

Business networking experts emphasize that when getting to know each other, it is important to listen to the interlocutor, his ambitions, ideas, and affinities, and to present your own in the same way.

The point of all this is to spread the “good word” about the person you met, that is, your kind of help for his business progress, while you expect the same from that person in return. In this way, you create a network of business contacts and equally spread business information about yourself and others.

Phases of Networking

Phases of Networking

There are three phases of this business phenomenon, namely small talk, questioning, and offering help. The first stage is initial and basic, but if it lasts too long, it becomes meaningless.

In the second phase, there are questions and answers from both sides, which means that you have to be a good interlocutor, and in the last phase, information, contact, and advice are given, and profitable cooperation is realized.

First Job

Be prepared to be paid less for the first job, but expect that the situation with each subsequent one will work in your favor. Also, each completed job will provide you with more work experience and your portfolio will be richer.

Keep Building Your Network

We return to the key factor, which is the construction of the network. It is in your interest to do every job to the best of your ability so that others will recommend you and hire you for the next one. In this way, your business network will strengthen and you will reach the very top of the business.

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Final Thoughts

The purpose of networking is to build strong, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships. Today, in a time of high interconnectedness, two important questions arise: who do you know and who knows you?

Connecting with the “right” people, ie. colleagues and experts from your industry or those close to you will enable you to expand your sphere of activity.