Justin Bieber’s Net Worth 2024 (Updated)

What are Justin Bieber net worth
Image: GQ
What are Justin Bieber net worth


Net Worth: $285 Million
Profession: Singer
Country: Canada
Date of Birth: March 1, 1994
Last Updated: 2021


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Justin Bieber‘s net worth is estimated to be $285 million in 2024. Amassing this huge wealth from his music sales, shows, and merchandise, the singer is one of the highest-paid in the music industry.  With 150 million records sold globally and $550+ million in revenue from tours, you simply can’t look the other way.

Forbes placed Justin at 13th position on their Celebrity 100 list of 2017. The same year the magazine reported his earning to be roughly $83.5 million, one of the highest-paid entertainers. The release of the Purpose album and the subsequent tour played a huge role in the amount. Also, Forbes listed him in their Top Ten Most Powerful Celebrities list for three consecutive years.

Earning Sources

The primary earning source of the pop star is obviously music but that’s not what brings the most amount. Want to know what does? Well, it turns out that since the birth of streaming services, singers make way less than they used to from music sales. As a result, like our Justin here, all the famous musicians depend on brand advertising and business partnership.

Other than that we have tours and concerts that bring in a huge chunk of money. His Purpose World Tour of 2016-17 had a gross total amount of $257 million. The other two tours combined with this brought in a hefty amount of $550+ million.

Also, Justin’s autobiography “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story” in 2010, stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 18 weeks.

Forbes reported in 2015 that Justin Bieber charges $1 Million per show. So it’s pretty obvious that the current number is more than double it.

His documentary/biopic duo Never Say Never (grossed over $98 million) and Next Chapter raked in a large amount as well.

Early Life

Born on March 1, 1994, Justin was raised by a single mother. Growing up with his mother and grandparents, he was into music from a very early age.

Being obsessed with music Justin learned several instruments like the guitar, piano by the age of 12. He ultimately started at the age of 16. Songs like “Baby” in the early days skyrocketed the teen popstar’s popularity. With his manager Scooter Braun and Islands Records by his side, his exponential growth never took a dip. Justin’s first major success was his EP My World that got platinum-certified in three countries.

Personal Life

Justin Beiber has married Haley Baldwin in 2019 after getting engaged the previous year. They both known each other for quite a time and it was only logical to settle down. Justin’s personal life has been subject to controversy; charges of DUI, vandalism and inappropriate comments did scratch his image. 

The Prince of Pop also suffered from addictions to substances like Marijuana, MDMA, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and other psychoactive drugs. Talking about this in JB’s YouTube special, he said, “[I] started getting really dependent on it, and that’s when I realized that I had to stop.”  

However, in current times Justin is cleared for most of the controversial things and seems to live a healthy life.

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In terms of business, Proactive, Nicole by OPI, Walmart, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Schmidt’s Naturals are just a few ventures that the 1994-born music prodigy is involved with. He also has a few of his own brands like Girlfriend and Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition. 

Justin Bieber released his clothing line Drew in 2019. In addition to that, he also launched a deodorant line named Here+Now in the same year. 2024 brought another chapter of this Prince of Pop’s entrepreneurial activities with his limited edition Crocs x Justin Bieber clog with Crocs.

House/Other Assets

Being a millionaire in teenage means you have got all the freedom to do whatever the hell you want. And Justin Bieber is the living example of that. 

He bought his first home at the age of 18 for a whopping price of $6.5 million in a restricted community The Oaks. Justin’s reckless behaviors and violent activities got him into trouble several times even resulting in judicial interventions.

In the end, the Canadian star sold the house to another celebrity, Khloe Kardashian, for $7.2 million in 2014. 

After selling his house, for the next few months, Justin lived all over the place in renting mansions and palaces. One of those had an enormous rent of $100,000 each month. Finally, in 2019, Justin settled in a mansion in Beverly Hills that cost $8.5 million. 

But it wasn’t enough for him either. The next stop was another home in the same place for an extraordinary $28.5 million price. 

Justin’s car collection includes a Ferrari F430, an Audi R8, a Mercedez-Benz Sprinter van, and a few more cool cars.


As of 2024, Justin Bieber has won 23 Guinness World Records along with 2 Grammy Awards, 20 Billboard Music Awards, and two Brit Awards.

Justin’s quotes about faith and god

“Just as one storm passes, another storm comes… it can be hard to trust god when our circumstances don’t seem fair or promising. I believe God will give you peace that surpasses your understanding.” ― Justin Bieber

“You are not alone in the pain that you feel. Don’t forget that everyone is in pain. Some hide it better than others. Trusting that god is with you in the pain will allow you to get through the storm with hope.” ― Justin Bieber

“God is madly obsessed with you.” ― Justin Bieber

“There is nobody like you. Your life has purpose and you are valuable! Let your words be words of care and concern. God has brought you this far, trust that he has always been in control and will never give up on you.” ― Justin Bieber

“When the odds were against us god made a way. He will do it again like he always does.” ― Justin Bieber

 “Jesus loves me. That’s as good as it gets.” ― Justin Bieber

“Nothing can separate god’s love for you enjoy that truth today.” ― Justin Bieber

“God looks at us with pure adoration.” ― Justin Bieber

“Your time is now. Today is a fresh start. Let god direct you. You are chosen. You lack nothing. You could never be more loved than you are right now.” ― Justin Bieber

“Someone reading this is living their life ashamed. Shame robs us of our true identity and keeps us discouraged. God is a redeemer! He has grace for you! Jesus gave his life for you, and for me so that we may be set free from sin and shame. This is no cap.” ― Justin Bieber