The History And Meaning Behind Skull Jewelry


For as long as I – and probably almost everyone else – can remember, skulls have been frequently used as a feature on clothes, décor, tattoos, art, accessories, and, of course, jewelry. In fact, this symbol has been used for thousands of years across various cultures, all of which have their own beliefs surrounding this symbol.

But, if you recently got interested in wearing jewelry featuring skulls, you might want to learn what it actually represents. Fortunately for all individuals, this is exactly what we’ll talk about in our article below. Here is what you should know about the history and meaning behind this type of jewelry:

What is The History of This Jewelry Symbol?


Before we look at the significance of different skulls, it’s important that you learn more about their history. As we mentioned, various cultures have used this symbol for a wide range of causes. For example, in European countries, during the Elizabethan era, people used to wear accessories featuring the so-called “death’s head skull”. This symbol didn’t include a jaw and, in most cases, it represented someone being tough and brave. If you noticed someone sporting this ring during this period, you would prefer to avoid any interaction with them.

However, it had a diverse meaning in the Victorian period. If individuals were to wear it during this era, it would be a form of memorializing a loved one that has passed away, but it had another meaning as well – it reminded the era of their own mortality, which is something that is commonly referred to as “memento mori”. Additionally, it is a mark of equality, meaning that, no matter who or what you’re, in the end, we’re all headed down one road.

Although a skull has frequently been a mark of danger, longing for a lost person, mortality, or bravery, skulls have also been viewed completely differently by some cultures. The Ancient Egyptians, for instance, thought it represented a celebration of life, more specifically, they thought that it symbolized the circle of death and rebirth. Thus, to truly understand what this symbol means for cultures across the globe, you would have to dive deep into various books and literature.

What Does This Symbol Mean Today?


It’s pretty safe to say that some meanings of this particular symbol have been kept and infused into modern society, however, we must also mention that it has taken a lot of new definitions as well. Among other things, this type of jewelry has been sported by people who want to display toughness and revolt. In fact, it has taken on this symbolism since pirates started featuring the jolly roger on their flag.

Today, bikers, rockers, and punks have been using accessories featuring skulls. It most likely symbolizes some of the marks we’ve mentioned above – such as rebellion – however, there is an extra meaning to it – it conveys irreverence, a disregard for authority. Also, you should know that there are further reasons why people choose to wear accessories with skulls. For instance, some people, choose to wear it to boost their masculinity, something that other symbols on accessories cannot do.

If you truly want to understand how this type of accessory can help you improve your confidence and enhance your masculinity, all you’ll need to do is to put on a ring or other accessory featuring a skull, especially since you’ll most likely immediately feel tougher. You should know, the meaning of skull jewelry will mostly depend on the elements a particular piece features, which leads us to the next point in our article…

What Elements Define The Meaning of This Symbol?


We’ve mentioned what a skull means for some cultures and people, however, you should remember that it’s often combined with other elements that will, in most situations, either enhance the essence of the initial skull or additionally define what it represents and means. Some of the most common elements that you could see united with a skull on distinct jewelry pieces include the following things:

  1. A Cross – when merged with a cross, a skull will represent a new beginning for humanity.
  1. Crossbones – now, this element can be good or bad and its symbol will depend on the wearer. It can either represent a toxin or threat or on the good side, eternity. It’s the most popular combination and can be seen in various online shops such as
  1. A Butterfly – when mixed with a butterfly, a skull will represent a change in one’s nature of life.
  1. Wings – it symbolizes the liberation that’s connected with a loved one passing away and moving onto the spiritual realm.
  1. A Snake – although you might think that this combination might represent something bad, it doesn’t. In fact, it represents immortality, as well as knowledge of the next or another world.
  1. A Bow – this is something that has been popular today and it signifies the female embrace of the symbol, as well as the meaning linked to it.

Why Should I Wear it?


For starters, whether or not you’ll wear this type of accessory will entirely depend on your preferences, and more importantly, your style. However, if you identify with any or all of the definitions we’ve mentioned in our article above, skull jewelry is for you. Now, don’t get carried away with purchasing a lot of jewelry featuring skulls, instead, you might want to choose two or three pieces – such as a ring, pendant, and earrings – and see if it works for you.

Keep in mind, a lot of people frequently mistake skull jewelry as something bad – especially if you’re a punk or biker – hence, if you feel that someone is judging you, you shouldn’t really feel uncomfortable, mostly because the individual likely doesn’t know the true meaning of skull jewelry. There are some amazing pieces that you can find, so, before opting for the ones you’ll purchase and wear, browse different online and brick-and-mortar businesses.


Although a lot of people think that skull jewelry represents a disregard for authority and something bad, this isn’t really the case. In fact, this particular symbol has been present for thousands of years and it has a wide range of reasons across various cultures and religions, and not all meanings are bad.

Since you now know more about the history and meaning behind skull jewelry, you might not want to waste any more of your time reading guides similar to this one. Instead, if you identify with the meanings of skulls in the jewelry industry, start browsing for some pieces that’ll instantly provide you with a boost in confidence.