Starting a Glamping Business – Harnessing Imagination and Marketing 

Starting a Glamping Business - Harnessing Imagination and Marketing 

Camping is one of the best ways to explore nature and spend some time alone with yourself. However, many people find camping quite uncomfortable since they must sleep in a cramped space with little to no water sources, while the weather is totally not it.

For those who wanted top-notch facilities in the middle of nature, the concept of glamping was created. It had a breakthrough during the pandemic because people could get out while living in isolated spaces.

Hence, the glamping market is forecasted to continue growing in ten years, meaning you might want to take the opportunity and start a glamping business.

Since this is a niche in the industry, you might wonder how complex it is to succeed in this area. Nevertheless, besides the market research requirements, the startup process is pretty manageable, so here’s what to do.

A Glamping Business Offers Various Advantages

A Glamping Business Offers Various Advantages

Glamping businesses are on the rise lately, and since the trend is supposed to continue for some time, you should take advantage of the low startup costs that might explode in the future.

If you compare the costs of holiday rental houses to glamping tents for sale from, you’ll see that the tent and furnishing costs are much more approachable, along with maintenance.

Moreover, the land you purchase for placing the tent is usually best acquired in remote areas, so clients will truly feel they’re experiencing nature.

Glamping businesses appeal the most to nature-loving travelers and people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, so you’ll benefit from ROI pretty quickly since profits will be higher than the startup and maintenance costs.

Luckily, even the red tape process is straightforward as you need a thorough business plan but not permission to build something like in the case of rental houses.

Factors to Consider for Your Market Research

Factors to Consider for Your Market Research
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Of course, the research and brainstorming process might be the most strenuous because you can’t just place your tents in a random place. You must choose the location depending on the weather, regulations and area restrictions, but don’t forget to compare the costs of renting or owning land in certain regions.

Highlands, forests and grasslands are common locations for glamping, but you can adapt in accordance with the best cost per area.

You must also consider the area’s popularity or nearby amenities because not all customers want to be that far from civilization. The site must also be accessible and secure, so take the time to research locations thoroughly.

Amenities and Decorations Are Necessary

Besides planning the site and getting the tent, you must also handle all amenities necessary in a glamping site and make sure to decorate it to be as attractive as possible. Usually, it’s best to achieve a mix of comfort and style so the design appeals to customers of all audiences.

Tent essentials include comfortable beds, bedside tables and lamps, a hot shower and a table with chairs. Of course, you can improve its facilities with towels, blankets, a mirror and a unique rug to make it more appealing.

Outdoor design is also essential whether you provide a patio heater, a picnic basket or a portable coffee machine. Unique amenities, such as a hot tub, are always welcomed, especially when your target audience consists of youngsters or corporate groups.

Online Presence Is a Must

Online Presence Is a Must
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Regardless of how unique your glamping site is, you must build an online presence on social media platforms because this is the only way to get recognition and make your business profitable.

Of course, you also need a reliable and user-friendly website where people can get all their information and communicate with someone regarding their inquiries, but social media is what propels you into the mainstream.

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are the holy trinity of social media excellence, but you must cater your content to fit their audiences.

For example, Instagram’s photos and reels are truly successful in showcasing your glamping site, while TikTok is best for silly and informational videos because users prefer shorter content here.

But don’t dismiss YouTube or Pinterest either, because depending on how much you expand your glamping content, you’ll become renowned in the glamping industry.

Partnerships Can Bring More Customers

Although you’re a glamping business and are located in the middle of nowhere, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for collaborations with other companies whose customer audiences might be interested in your offerings.

For instance, offering horse riding activities with a discount can be done by collaborating with the equestrian company nearby. Or, if you provide guided hikes around the glamping site, you can sell your partner’s sportive clothing right at the site so everyone can have fun and access the best services.

Of course, it’s best to build a strong network of local businesses because they can be the solution to your struggles during the process of establishing the site.

So, make sure to participate in as many social events in the area and even consider becoming the host of a business party to gather as many collaborations as possible.

Challenges in The Glamping Industry

Challenges in The Glamping Industry

As beneficial and overflowing as it is, the glamping industry has its issues that you, as an entrepreneur, might face at some point.

For instance, you should mind sustainability as a top priority in order to contribute to the conservation of this tourism niche, because your impact on nature will be direct when having a glamping site.

Emissions and waste must be handled accordingly and not just dumped around the place. Eco-friendly glamping is necessary for the well-being of locals and the environment, so make sure you consider its advantages and comply with regulations when starting your business.

What Do You Think About the Glamping Industry?

Glamping became a thing when companies saw the potential of camping to become more comfortable and luxurious, so now the market is exploding with glamping sites that provide customers accommodation and sites of top-notch quality and design in the middle of nature.

Anyone can enter the industry as stating a glamping business is not that complex, and the guidelines above might help you have a soft landing in glamping.