The Benefits And Limitations Of Using Ai-Generated Captions And Subtitles For Video Content Accessibility

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Captioning is a fantastic way to make your content accessible to many people. In fact, in today’s time, speech recognition technology uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance the captioning process. The artificial intelligence programs are trained and produce high-quality captions and transcription. Nowadays, AI-generated captions have become mainstream and are used widely in the entertainment and media industry.

One such AI-based transcription service provider is Verbit, which has a pack of AI solutions and simple integrations. It is making delivering captions and accessing the content easier.

One of the greatest advantages of using AI technology is that it saves time and cuts costs, but what are some other advantages, and are there limitations too? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Using Subtitles/Captions

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Putting subtitles and captions in your videos has several advantages:

  • Helping to improve the inclusivity and accessibility for people who are deaf, have difficulty in hearing, or speak a different language.
  • Also, adding subtitles improves the engagement and retention of your viewer. When you are creating content, publishing informative videos, etc., this matters a lot. Since your audience can understand better what the video is about, they will watch it longer.
  • Subtitles also help in boosting SEO and, of course, discoverability. It is so because the captions provide text and keywords that improve the ranking in the search engine.
  • Adding subtitles also increases your reach and shareability. The captions make your video more compatible with different social media platforms and devices that play video without sound.

What Do You Mean By AI Caption Generators?

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As the name shows, AI caption generators are artificial tools that create captions for your videos. When you want to write a caption, you have to enter the information you want to include. This is known as a prompt. And after you have entered the prompt, press the button, and your caption will be ready within seconds. When you want to add subtitles to your video, you can easily run the AI tool.

When it comes to AI programs, it is important to understand that they receive several pieces of information; artificial intelligence collects this information, analyzes them, and they constantly try to improve. So, with every upgrade, the technology improves.

Why Use AI?

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You have seen why it is important to add captions to your video. But now the question arises why you should use AI to generate captions. Let’s find out:

  • Well, Artificial intelligence can easily analyze video and audio content and can produce speech or text within seconds. It is a great tool to generate subtitles for any kind of video.
  • Using AI saves time and money since the captions are generated automatically, so you do not have to put in manual work.
  • You can also translate the AI-generated captions into a different language; thus, it helps you connect with more people and increases your reach.
  • Since AI uses text, it can also help you to rank higher in search engines. Also, when you use manual subtitles or captions, there are chances of mistakes. Since it will take hours for you to write the substitutes completely, and if you are a small business, then you cannot afford to utilize so much time that you can use it for other productive activities.

Are There Any Limitations?

There can be some limitations to using AI for generating captions. The quality of the captions can be affected by the speed, clarity, accent, background noise, etc. So sometimes, there is a possibility that the AI caption generator might not catch all the words. Also, the generator cannot capture the speaker’s emotions, tone, or context. So, it cannot convey the sarcasm, humor, and nuances the speaker wants.

There might be some issues with the guidelines and standards of captioning, such as formatting, punctuation, and timing. However, these problems do not arise if you are using a reliable AI caption generator, and they ensure that these things do not occur.

How Can You Improve The Quality Of Your Captions?

There are some steps that you can take to ensure that the subtitles that are generated are of high quality. So, first of all, you must use a good quality audio recorder and microphone for all your videos. When you speak, speak slowly, clearly, and naturally. You can use simple language, and always remember that after AI has generated the caption, you must proofread it.

How To Use AI To Generate Captions?


The first step is to find the perfect AI caption generator. When you look for the tools, ensure that your platform is reliable, has a good pricing strategy, etc.

  • Experiment With Different Prompts: When you work with AI tools to generate captions, you know you must give prompts. To make things interesting, you can try different prompts to get the best results. When you experiment with different prompts, you can see the capabilities of the AI tool, and it also helps improve the performance, and you get a good output.
  • Generate Several Outputs: Now you know that AI tools can create amazing captions, but remember that before you push the publish button, you must always check the different outputs and see which one is the best. It is better to compare the different captions and then pick the one that you think will resonate best with the audience and will stand out from the crowd.


Summing up, captions and subtitles help the audience to understand better, and it helps you to increase your reach. This is the reason that on most videos nowadays, captions are included. However, if you consider writing captions, then it will be very time-consuming. But AI comes to your rescue.

With the help of an AI generator, you will have access to AI tools that you can use around the clock without feeling tired. This way, you can save a lot of time and money, too, which is extremely important if you are a small team or have limited resources.