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Netflix is the largest online streaming service worldwide. Install the app on your phone, sign in, pay the subscription, and you’ll be pushed into a world of unlimited content. But, of course, the voracious streamer in you cannot get enough of this content, especially when Netflix updates its content library and keeps enticing subscribers with new, tangy content.

Depending on your subscription plan, you can use Netflix to stream your favorite content across two to four devices simultaneously.

Typically, it is not that difficult to find a movie or TV show to watch because the platform’s homepage is constantly advertising new releases based on your viewing behavior. In addition, you’ll find a recommendations list, and you can even create your custom list. So, there’s always a queue of content stacked up, so you always find entertainment at your fingertips.

Codes for netlfix

Do you still want more? Maybe, you want to view content from a different country that’s unavailable in your country. Or, you are traveling to another country and still wish to access your home content library. Unfortunately, due to licensing and copyright issues, Netflix cannot show you some content as they are geo-blocked. Thankfully, VPN services like SurfsharkVPN allows users to bypass geo-block restrictions and access the platform’s content treasure trove. All you need to do is subscribe to a premium VPN service, connect to the country server of your choice, and then enjoy.

Do you know what will make your viewing experience even better on Netflix? It knows the secret codes to unlock more content that might be otherwise hidden from view. The platform usually recommends movies and TV shows according to the viewing and browsing habits of the subscribers. Hence, the platform’s algorithms may fail to show you content from specific genres that you’ve never searched for before. This might not usually be a bother unless you are in the mood to watch something different and spice up your evening or weekend.

Netflix Secret Codes: What are they?

Netflix Secret Codes that Unlocks New Content

Before knowing about the secret codes, you must understand how the platform works. Then you’ll understand the importance of knowing these secret codes.

Netflix’s content library has thousands of movies and TV shows, but subscribers mostly see the same titles when they open their accounts. This is because the platform uses a wide range of algorithms to decide what to recommend to specific subscribers.

But if you see the same recommendations time and again, the platform may quickly get boring. Some of the recommendations might not even be up to your taste. This is where the secret codes come to the rescue. You can use the codes to unlock hidden content and see beyond your curated feed.

If you have the habit of relentlessly browsing through Netflix on your browser, you may have already seen the codes. But you might have ignored it because you don’t know what those codes mean.

For instance, when browsing Netflix on a web browser, the URL may appear something like this:

Do you see the number at the end of the URL? That is the secret code for cult movies and includes different categories like B-horror movies, cult comedies, cult horror movies, etc. Each category has a different secret code.

If you know the code, you can instantly find the TV shows and movies you love, regardless of your taste.

The secret codes categorize Netflix’s shows and movies based on language, rating, characters, plot, type of ending, setting, location, etc. This helps create a lot of metadata, which an AI neatly puts into categories. The streaming giant refers to these categories as alt-genres, AKA secret codes.

Steps to use the Secret Codes

Codes for netlfix

It is not possible to know how to use the codes intuitively. You must know where to find them. For your convenience, a list is added below to know the codes of the different genres.

Once you know the secret code, follow these steps to access your favorite Netflix shows and movies.

  • Open your web browser
  • Navigate to the Netflix homepage and log in or sign up for an account
  • Type[secret code] in the address bar
  • The [secret code] will be your chosen code according to what you want to watch

If you are streaming content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Smart TV, you must go to the search icon in the Netflix application. Then, enter the secret code instead of the movie title or series name. You’ll get your results.

Netflix Secret Codes

Here are the Netflix secret codes for specific genres:

Genre ID
Action & Adventure 1365
Animation 4698
Anime 7424
Classics 31574
Comedy 6548
Documentaries 6839
Drama 5763
Horror 8711
Music 1701
Romance 8883
Sci-fi and Fantasy 1492
Sports 4370
Thrillers 8933
TV shows 83
Faith & Spirituality 26835
Foreign 7462
Cult Movies 7627
Gay & Lesbian Movies 5977
Independent Movies 7077


If you don’t wish to choose a specific genre but narrow down your search, you can use codes like 1592210 (Recently Added), 81603903 (Short-Ass Movie), 81466194 (90-Minutes Movies), and 81396426 (Two-Hour Movies).

Please note that within each genre, there are categories and sub-categories. For example, if you want to watch Action Thrillers under the Action & Adventure genre, the code is 43048.

If you wish to browse through Netflix’s Christmas offerings, the following codes will help you:

Seasons Streamings – 81346420
Christmas Comedies – 1474015
Romantic Christmas Films – 1394527
Festive Fun – 393181

So, go through the full list of the secret codes to unlock hidden content.

The Bottom Line

The unlimited world of entertainment is at your fingertips with Netflix and its trove of secret codes. You can unlock hidden content using these secretive codes and can show it off to your friends by sharing it with them. When you use these secret codes in tandem with a premium VPN service, you can watch worldwide content wherever you are. There are no geo-block restrictions to worry about.

Happy Netflixing and chilling!