Who Invented The Game Of Roulette?


Many of us have never thought about the story behind the games we like to enjoy in casinos. Today, roulette is one of the most famous games in casinos around the world, but few people know how it all started. Do you know? Over the years, many experts have expressed their ideas and doubts about the origin of this popular game, and everything leads to the conclusion that it is Blaise Pascal who is responsible for its origin.

If by now you haven’t heard about him, you’ll be surprised to find out that he had nothing to do with entertainment. As a matter of fact, he was one of the most famous mathematicians originating from France, who lived in the seventeenth century. You can guess how gambling was very different at the time and was the type of entertainment only reserved for royalty. What you probably didn’t realize was that this game was so old, right?

Well, you’d be surprised how many casino games we like to call traditional have been around for centuries. Some haven’t even changed a lot.

In today’s modern era, casino online games have largely taken precedence over traditional casino games, since we live in a time when the vast majority of things, including these games, can be enjoyed online on platforms like National Casino.

Roulette has been one of the favorite games for many reasons, but the most important one was the fact that its rules are quite simple. One doesn’t have to have too many analytical skills to master it, which is why it is enjoying the same popularity in the online world.

But let’s get back to history…


The mathematician we mentioned earlier was by far one of the most outstanding personalities of his time. Historians say that he could have been even bigger if it wasn’t for the bad health that followed him since his youth.  As is the case with many genius minds of his kind, in addition to mathematics, he was also interested in physics and worked on his inventions, one of which is roulette. His interest in this today’s world-famous casino game comes from the fact that it helped him discover the theory of relativity. Guess this was another fact you could never guess had anything to do with a casino game.

Since his childhood, he was gifted with an above-average level of intelligence and demonstrated this best through his love of science and mathematics. Thanks to his curiosity, he researched various topics, and roulette was just one of many. It was the research on this casino game that led him to write a book about it in 1659. The book was published under the title History of Roulette.

Furthermore, it is believed that it was Pascal who tried to patent the Perpetuum mobile. It is a machine that moves endlessly, and that is how, according to popular opinion, the idea of the game was born. It is important to say that even today it is not known whether this popular casino game originated in China or the USA, but it is certainly clear that it was Pascal who left a big mark on the development of roulette with his work. Be that as it may, France is certainly a country where the game became extremely popular thanks to him, and found its place in the casinos of that time, which was only reserved for novelty, as we mentioned earlier.

Its growth was just unstoppable


By now you are probably wondering how did spread through the world… And we wouldn’t have mentioned this if it didn’t have an interesting story behind it. In the 18th century France ruled by Louis XV, something changed. The game loved and enjoyed by so many on the court was about to be banned by the king himself. This story involves another historic figure who opposed him – Napoleon. He did so by constantly allowing the game to be played in the palace. As a result, the king god was very angry and banned the game to be played in the country. Little did he know that he just made a huge step towards popularizing it in other countries, as it created a huge boom in neighboring Germany.

What happened after?


In the coming period, the number of casinos in France is growing rapidly, and therefore roulette as a casino game is becoming even more popular, with some modifications that occur over time. At one point, for example, double zero was removed from this popular game, which inevitably led to a change in certain rules in casinos that were then operating in the wider area of Europe.

Naturally, as it was adopted in other countries, modifications happened. Like, in the USA, additional ones were added. Finally, it should be noted that roulette experienced its greatest popularity and flourishing in the 20th century in the world’s most famous casino venues, and a lot of thank you goes to the film industry.

Speaking of modifications, the biggest ones were made as it moved online, along with all other popular ones. Today, you can choose to play different versions online live, or automated. And different providers offer different commodities. The important thing here is to keep an eye on those providers that are not licensed, and therefore considered unsafe to gamble on. As their number is increasing constantly. So, look for the clues that will tell you they should not be trusted, such as having any license number stated on their website. But also, consider bad reviews others gave them, because of the bad experience they’ve had. Gambling even for fun involves money, and you want yours to be kept safe. For this reason, don’t take gambling on just any platform for granted.