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Yumi Garcia - Biography

With new digital media stars rising to the spotlight every now and then, it is not new to find social media filled with young influencers. TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. have made stardom easy to attain for people of all ages. With new content created each day, many young people look forward to these young stars.

These young stars have many reasons to keep their private life hidden from the world. However, when it comes to the people in the spotlight, it is not new for fans to know details about their famous celebrities.

Among those famous social media stars, is Yumi Garcia, this young teen became famous for her cute looks and content. With a huge fan following, many fans are interested to know about Yumi’s personal life. Social media like TikTok and Instagram are the apps that keep your real-life hidden from social media life.

And here is where we come in, with our resources to find authentic information and provide it to the fans. Our talk today revolves all-around Yumi’s age, birthday, height, weight, Instagram, and biography.

Yumi Garcia Biography

Yumi Garcia Biography
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Age and Birthday

This cute teenager, Yumi Garcia, was born in 2003 on 3rd July, which makes her 18 years old. She has slight Chinese looks herself but it has been confirmed that Yumi was Born in the Quezon City of the Philippines and holds Filipino nationality. She belongs to a well-settled Christain family. There is not much known of her parents since she keeps her personal life private on social media, nor much is known of her siblings.

In 2024, she only posted about the loss of her beloved dog on YouTube. Though our sources do say that her parents are entrepreneurs, still not much is known. Nothing posted regarding the siblings at all depicts how much of a private person Yumi is.

Height and Weight

Yumi has an elegant height of 5’4ft with a light weight of 52kg. She has cute Asian features with big eyes and a doll face. Her black eyes, fair complexion combined with black hair make her a captivating beauty. Yumi has a slim and ideal figure for many teenage girls to look up to which makes her quite popular among the younger generation.

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Though there are no proper details found yet of Yumi’s education, many sources depict that she studied at the local private school in the Philippines. She is said to have done her high school graduation. Also again we can not be quite sure of where and which field of education did she pursue, given her mysterious lifestyle.


There is no designated Wikipedia page under the name of Yumi Garcia. With her enigmatic personality, it is hard to find enough sources to find much about her until she decides to reveal herself.

We are also not sure if after her birth did her family continue to live in Quezon City or travel around. Whether she shifted to some other country for some time or some other city, is also not known. For now, with little information, we can only make wild guesses about her.

Social Media Career

It is a known fact that Yumi is a social media influencer with a huge fan base. People of all age groups adore her content and every post or TikTok video posted by her gets an ocean of likes, shares, and follows. She is a TikTok Star, model, and actress. She stepped into the entertainment world after completing her high school graduation. Being a member of “Pop Generation” earned her the spotlight, giving leaps and bound to her career.

From then on she participated in many live TV shows, performed in events with her group, and as an actress made her appearance in the TV show “Tropang Torpe”. Yumi started a YouTube channel and gained a huge fan following there and is also quite popular on TikTok.

She has 135k subscribers on YouTube and 4.6 million followers on TikTok with over 56 million likes. She mostly posts videos of her vlogging and doing the challenges with shorts of dancing to different songs.

Net Worth

Yumi Garcia generates her earnings from her entertainment career, and we all know how a star in the spotlight can earn a lot more than an average person. By doing challenge videos on YouTube and promotions of products, she makes her revenue. Considering all her social media platforms’ popularity, it can be estimated that she has a net worth of between $2 million to $3 million. With a wealthy net worth, this young teenager is quite an earner.

Facts about Yumi

Though we do not know much about Yumi’s parents or siblings, it is seen that she loves to spend time with her friends a lot. She mostly shares photos with her friends and short reels on her pages. She has a love for dogs and also owns one. In sports, she enjoys playing Badminton.

Yumi loves listening to songs from her favorite band Keshi, and her favorite singers are Justin Bieber, Niki, and Sabrina Claudio. She loves to visit Japan and enjoys eating Japanese Champorado. Her favorite colors are black and white. Her career is managed by Viva Artists Agency.


Yumi Garcia FAQ

1. Is Yumi dating anyone?

Yumi has a very enigmatic personality and loves to keep her personal life private on social media, so nothing can be said about whether she is dating anyone at the moment or not.

2. How many social media accounts does Yumi Garcia have?

Yumi has accounts on five social media platforms which are Facebook (@YumiGarciaOfficial), YouTube (@YumiGarcia), Instagram (@iamyumigarcia), TikTok (@iamyumigarcia), and Twitter (@iamyumigarcia). Her highest number of followers is on her Facebook account.

3. What is Yumi Garcia’s net worth in 2024?

Yumi’s net worth lies between $2 million to $3 million. Considering her multiple sources of income, she is without a doubt a teenage millionaire.


We could not find all the in-depth details of many aspects of Yumi Garcia’s life, but summing it all, I guess it is more than enough. Yumi is a young teenage star who is popular for her short dance and acting videos on TikTok.

She is also a young aspiring actress and model who dreams to be successful in her coming years. I will keep on looking into further details about her to keep you all updated. This is all from my side, enjoy reading about your favorite celebrity.

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