Amira Brie – Princess. Amira. B Biography, Age, Net Worth

People utilize the power of social media to get fame and earn money to the core. With so much already present, it is not difficult at all to get famous easily on social media. Though it does require good material, attractive bodily features, determination, and consistency to achieve your targeted audience.

With apps like Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat becoming famous among the younger generations, we see many with entertaining accounts. Among these social media influencers getting the chance to be in the spotlight and becoming the most-watched or searched, Amira Brie is one of them. Amira Brie is also known as Princess Amira. She is a young social media influencer, who became famous for her doll-like features.

Amira Brie – Princess. Amira. B Biography

Age and Birthday

Amira Brie was born on November 1 in 1996 and is currently 25 years old. She was born in Chicago, America. With her personal life private there is not much known of her parents, or where she lived before becoming famous on social media. Given her fit and well-maintained body, she does look quite younger than a 25-year-old and looks like a 22-year-old for her age.


Since she was born in America, Amira Brie is also known as Princess. Amira. B holds an American nationality. Not much is known or which other states or countries she has lived in, or has some other nationalities under her name. Though nothing extra is known of her educational background, her less famous days and how she started are quite known. While maintaining fame all over the social media platforms, she has made quite a stir with her trends set for the young generation.

Height and Weight


Amira has beautiful features resembling a doll. With her slender and elegant body, she has a lovely height of 5’4ft and a minimum weight of 59kg to suit her figure. Having those green big eyes, and lightly freckled skin is a great appeal to her viewers of how they mesmerize them. This TikTok star has silky golden-brown hair to match her captivating figures. Her bodily features are the goals of many young girls, making her their inspiration.


Even after a thorough search, not much of her parents or family were found. Though it is known to be said that she lives with her family, with so much private life, no satisfactory results were achieved. Other than this, Amira is also not a talker about her relationships. Celebrities like to keep their life hidden from the social media figure they have made. They do not enjoy too much interference from their fans into their privacy.

To this day there is not much known about whether she is married or not, does she have children or not. All we know is how much of a famous and most sought social media influencer she is. Her personal life still remains a mystery to us all and many hidden sources are trying to find out about her to complete her missing biography.


This American TikTok Star took the internet for her unique and captivating beauty. Amira is also a known singer and is known for her quick posting. There is not much known about her life or career before she became a famous social media celebrity. She began her career by making videos on TikTok and from then on she started gaining popularity for her content.

Now she is a famous TikTok with over 2 million views on each of her videos and around 511k followers on her TikTok account called Princess. Amira. B. She also joined Instagram and gained over 300k active followers. With her possessive nature, her Instagram account is private and only visible to her followers. She has also created private pages for her fans and is a quick poster on them. With less time she made her fair share in the market.

Amira also works as a model, and for her beautiful slim body, she makes the best of it in her modeling career. As a social media influencer, she has done many promoting videos with different brands. She also models for different products to make her earnings and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Net Worth

With Amira’s fan count and popularity increasing day by day, she has become a wealthy woman for sure. With her social media platforms as her earning source, and not just one or two but with all social media hassles, she makes a fortune. Princess Amira is said to have $600k to $700k net worth by now, it can be more than it is known, after all, she is a private person. But nonetheless, Amira has made social media her prime source of earnings.

Social Media Platforms

With her charming recordings over the past 12 months, Amira makes a potential use of social media. She is not said to have Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but is well-known for her Instagram and TikTok. Amira has an attractive personality, with her daily talks on social media. A regular gym-going girl who has maintained her attractive figure for her audience.


Social media is indeed a powerful tool for the younger and evolving generation. Not many could make it to Hollywood or famous TV shows in the past. But in these times, applications of social media give access to aspiring young talents. With a single click, download, and upload, you make it to the limelight if you make the trend-setting content for the viewers. Amira Brie is also among those famous social media influencers. This young girl made her way to the limelight by securing her place and today has many young ones inspired by her.