10 Best Utah Motorcycle Rides – Quintessential Southwest Gems

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The American Southwest is pretty massive and rich in beautiful roads and scenery. This goes contrary to the belief that southwestern states fall into the same category-desert. It is so far from the truth, and there are plenty of beautiful sceneries you can enjoy while riding across the state. In today’s article, we will talk about some of the best Utah motorcycle rides you can indulge in.

Nothing can quite beat taking your bike on the open road, especially if you can enjoy beautiful views while you are at it. It provides you with a special feeling of relaxation and freedom, and these are the parameters according to which we selected ten exceptional rides for you. There is a lot of ground to cover in this article, so without further delay, let us get right into it.

1. Zion National Park

zion national park

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is one of the prettiest rides you can take in the whole state. It is best to take this ride early or in the late season before snows start to fall to fully experience this road and ride along the Virgin River, as this route will provide you with the best experience.

From April to October, access is restricted to wheelchair-accessible shuttle buses. It is by far one of the prettiest rides in Utah, and we highly recommend you give this road a shot when passing through the state. The freedom of riding on this road is truly breathtaking and memorable, so give it a chance.

2. Antelope Island State Park Tour


Antelope Island, as its name implies, is widely known for its Antelope, of course. It is also famous for having one of the largest buffalo herds in America, and they freely roam all over the islands. This is a sight you might get a glimpse of when riding your bike on the Antelope Island State Park Tour, which is incredible and full of amazing sceneries.

There are plenty of curves on the northern end of the island, and the speed limit stands at 25 mph. The traffic is also fairly light, so you will be able to slow down your bike and enjoy the beautiful sights along the road. The only limitations of the road are buffalos that often cross the road whenever they like. Our advice is to avoid riding past them since they are near-sighted and bad-tempered.

3. Cascade Springs Ride

cascade springs

Cascade Springs Ride is a beautiful motorcycle route on which you can take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you ride. You get an opportunity to see gorgeous rocky mountain landscapes and Aspen trees mixed with towing Pines, giving you an extraordinary sense of freedom and waking up your adventurous spirits.

The ride includes perfect sweeps and curves that you can effortlessly glide around and enjoy. In addition, the curves are not too tight, so you will not have to slow down, as is the case with some other canyons. This is an ideal route for a quick Sunday evening ride before you go back to your weekly routines.

4. The Scofield Loop

scofield loop

When riding along the Scofield Loop, you get an opportunity to observe hills and majestic mountain views. It is a beautiful and relaxing ride that does not take much of your effort but grants you amazing scenery and a sense of freedom.

There are few twists through town, and once you get past them, you will head upward to and past a coal mine that will provide some nice twisties along lakes and reservoirs. There are a couple of rough patches on the roads near coal mines from heavy trucking, but the asphalt is in very good condition and provides an enjoyable ride.

5. Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

nebo loop scenic byway best utah motorcycle rides

The Nebo Loop Scenic Byway has everything that adventure and riding enthusiasts can wish for. It is a well-kept road with varying levels of curves and technical riding. The road also has beautiful scenery and a Harley-Davidson dealership nearby in Lindon city.

You can make this loop into a full-day ride and sightseeing adventure. The road is rich in natural beauty, green surfaces, trees, and untouched sceneries that just beg for exploration. There are also some stops you can take and rest before you continue the journey. The road itself is very easy and will keep you engaged with amazing views all the way through.

6. Diamond Mountain Road

diamond mountain road utah best utah motorcycle rides

Diamond Mountain Road is a perfect route to ride if you like a good adventure and love to explore beautiful sceneries. There are six sections of roadway and scenery that will keep you engaged, awake, and happy throughout the whole ride. The traffic is pretty light, and you will likely encounter one or two vehicles every half an hour, so you will be able to fully relax and experience this road the way it is meant to.

The ride is pretty enjoyable, and bad sections of the road pop out rarely. Most of the sharper turns are when you are riding slowly anyway, so there is no reason for concern, while the middle 25 miles have only a couple of turns, so this is a stretch where you will have the most fun and the best chance to observe your surroundings.

7. Guardsman Way to Pine Canyon Drive

guardsman way to pine canyon best utah motorcycle rides

This route is a beautiful 13-mile mountain road, suitable for adventurers and everyone that enjoys observing jaw-dropping sceneries. At the beginning of Big Cottonwood Canyon, you will find a winding road that climbs the canyon wall with several switchbacks and stunning views.

On top, it follows the long hills and gentle curves of the mountains, providing you with long sunny areas and open grassland. Once you turn off Guardsman’s Way onto Pine Canyon Rd, you enter Aspen Forest, winding its way down the other side of the mountain and into Midway. The road is paved and well-maintained and full of wonderful sceneries.

8. La Sal Loop Road

la sal loop road best utah motorcycle rides

La Sal Loop Road offers spectacular views, challenging turns, and lots of variety for its riders to enjoy. The road is entirely two-lane, and along Castle Valley, the pavement is very well-built, shaped with few curves, and decorated with wonderful sceneries.

The 20-mile stretch on the mountain slope is narrow, full of potholes, and many sharp 15 – 20 mph turns, so ride them with caution. The route is very colorful in the fall when oak and aspen leaves change and start offering beautiful sights. It is possible to encounter deer or bear on this road, so drive carefully.

9. Valley of the Gods

valley of the gods best utah motorcycle rides

Located in southeastern Utah, near Mexican Hat, the Valley of the Gods is a hidden gem of a road where you can enjoy some jaw-dropping sceneries while cruising. This sojourn is a dirt road through towering desert rock pinnacles that look absolutely stunning.

The road is not tough to ride on, and the scenery can be described as a quintessential Southwest gem. You can also venture up the Moki Dugway and indulge yourself in some beautiful views from above. It is a must-see scenery on a road that will certainly keep you engaged for a long time.

10. Wanship to Orem Lakes Ride

orem lake best utah motorcycle rides

This route offers a variety of scenery through multiple stretches, covering both rural and small-town areas. Along the way, you will encounter some wooded areas as well as several recreational reservoirs you can stop by and take some time to rest and relax.

The ride through Provo Canyon, although somewhat busy, is truly breathtaking, with beautiful cliffs and a few waterfalls as you ride along the Provo River for several miles. There are also plenty of gas and eating stops along this route, and if you like to picnic, there are some good stopping points near the reservoirs.

Final Words

The American Southwest is fantastic on so many levels, especially if you enjoy riding, sightseeing, and taking a pause to soak in the natural beauties. Utah possesses some of the juiciest slices of classic Americana, and if you have never experienced its roads, we strongly recommend that you bump it up on your bucket list!