All You Need to Know About 6 Animals That Start With V

Vampire Bat
Vampire Bat

The animal kingdom is vast and they are distributed across the world., All the species has been characterized with the help of family, subfamily, genus and names has been given accordingly. Here is the list of all popular animals that start with v.

Animals That Start With V

1.Vampire Bat

  • Vampire Bat scientifically known as Desmodus rotundus and the common name is Common Vampire Bat.
  • The avarage lifespan of the species is 9 years in the wild.
  • It can grow upto 3.5 inches in length with a wingspan of 7 inches.
  • The avarage wieght of the bat is 2 ounces but that vary and can be double in one feeding.
  • Vampire Bat is a carnivore and its diet includes cows, pigs, horses, and birds.
  • The bat species were mostly seen in regions of Mexico and Central and South America.
  • It can locate prey by sensing the sound of an animal breathing and also determine the breathing pattern of one animal like a cow and return to feed on it night after night.
Vampire Bat
Vampire Bat

Image Source: Justin

2.Vervet Monkey

  • Vervet Monkey is a small and black-faced monkey.
  • The species is very common in East Africa.
  • There are certain subspecies of monkey that vary in greenish-olive or silvery-grey.
  • Talking about the appearance, the face, ears, hands, feet, and the tip of the tail are black along with a white band on the forehead blends.
  • Male species are slightly larger than females and males can be easily identified by a turquoise-blue scrotum and red penis.
  • The avarage lifespan is upto 30 years and the animal gestation period is upto 30 years.
  • The natural predators are leopards, eagles and humans.
  • It can grow upto 400 TO 600 millimetres in length with a tail is approximately 300 TO 500 in millimetres.
  • The avarage wieght is 3 TO 5 kilograms.
  • It prefers to thrive in woodland, savanna and high bush areas.
Vervet Monkey
Vervet Monkey

Image Source: Wikimedia


  • Vicuna is the smallest living species among the family Camelidae.
  • The South American camelids range from the Andes of southern Peru, western Bolivia, northwestern Argentina, and northern Chile.
  • Vicuna prefers semiarid rolling grasslands and plains at altitudes of 3,500-5,750 meters.
  • Vicuna is the national animal of Peru and appears on the Peruvian coat of arms.

Image Source: Wikimedia


  • Viper is a family of snakes that has around 200 species of venomous snakes.
  • It can be differentiated from other snakes by its long, hinged fangs that allow a deep perforation of venom into its prey.
  • There are four subfamilies of viper snakes such as Fea’s vipers (Azemiopinae), night adders (Causinae), pit vipers (Crotalinae) and true or pitless vipers (Viperinae).
  • The viper snakes has two hollow fangs situated in front of the mouth and connected with a rotating maxillary bone.
  • They have vertically oval-shaped pupils that can vary greatly in size depending on the species.
Emerald Green Pit Viper


  • A Viperfish is a marine fish that belongs to the genus Chauliodus.
  • It can be easily identified with long, needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws.
  • Viperfish can grow upto 30 to 60 cm and prefers to stay in r lower depths (250–5,000 feet) in the daytime and shallower depths at night.
  • It prefers to thrive in tropical and temperate waters.
  • The fish species vary in colour such as green, silver, to black.
  • A viperfish uses its fang-like teeth to immobilize or trap prey that it captures by charging at high speeds.

Image Source: Wikimedia


  • Vole is a small rodent which is also known as meadow mice or field mice.
  • As of now, 70 species of voles are known and they are known for their blunt noses, small furry ears, dense brown fur and a tail with no fur.
  • It can grow upto 3″ to 7″ long with four legs.
  • The diet includes seeds, tubers, tree needles, bark, various green vegetation such as grass and clover, and insects.
  • The animal species prefer olive outside in fields.

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Image Source: Wikimedia


  • Vulture is a large bird of prey and as of now, 23 species of vultures has been identified.
  • The bird species are known for their excellent sense of sight and smell.
  • The crow-sized hooded vulture is the smallest vulture in the world with a wingspan of only five feet and seen in the sub-Saharan African region.
  • Vultures are carnivorous and can eat carrion and prefer fresh meat but can consume carcasses that may have rotted so much that the meat can be toxic to other animals.
  • Vultures has weak feet and legs so they do not carry prey back to their chicks.
Griffon Vulture
Griffon Vulture

These are the amazing animals that starts with v. Kindly share and do post your comments.