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Camilo Madrigal

Read this article to know about the personal details of Camilo Madrigal if you are his new fan after watching the Encanto movie.

Who does not like Disney characters? We all grew up watching Disney movies, and a huge part of it resides in our lives. From wanting to be a Disney character to acting like one, watching the same movies on replay, and running to the CD store to get the newly released one! We all grew up with Disney in our hearts, had favorite characters, favorite movies, and last but not least favorite songs of Disney movies.

Disney played a great part in our character development also along the line and left us with great memories to cherish. The last year’s released movie “Encanto” was a blockbuster with its musical fantasy and comedy genre. It became not only popular among the young ones but also among the elders with its unique storyline and amazingly developed characters, and not to forget the graphics. If you have not watched Encanto, then consider watching it today, as it is available on Disney Plus. However, just ensure you have a great internet connection. As an unstable internet connection will not let you enjoy your movie. You can subscribe to MetroNet. The provider offers a speedy and reliable internet connection, so you can watch Encanto without facing connectivity issues.

With many of its characters being favorites among the viewers, the supporting character “Camilo Madrigal” who has a “Shape-shifting ability” became the most popular for his impish and wisecracking demeanor. This young character is both inspiring and a character to look forward to with his part written with so many details. Let us look further into this young boy’s personality.

Camilo Madrigal Biography

1. Age and Birthday

Camilo Madrigal, a character voiced by Rhenzy Feliz, was born on the 28th of December in 1934. This young teen is mentioned to be 15 years old. Camilo is the second born or to say the middle child of Pepa and Felix Madrigal, and a younger sibling to Antonio Madrigal while an older brother to Dolores Madrigal. In the movie, his character is described as ‘The one who does not know who he is yet.’

2. Height and Weight

Camilo’s height according to the family photo is the same as Bruno’s, which is 5’4ft. This young teen weighs about 141 lbs which are approximately 64kg. For his age, he is very healthy and energetic. He is always full of energy and there for his family, impish by nature but good by heart.

camilo madrigal Height and Weight

3. Nationality

The whole Encanto movie is set in Colombia, with a large Colombian cast to voice the animated characters of the Disney movie. The whole story revolves around the matriarchal family who is living in a magical house built in the heart of Colombia. The movie features a mestiza or mixed-race Colombian Madrigal family with different skin tones, features, and hair types.

So this whole combination leads to ties with Afro-Latinos also and makes it hard to say which side Camilo Madrigal belongs from. Since the whole setup is in Colombia, it can be said that Camilo holds the Colombian nationality in the movie.

4. Physical Features

This 15-year-old has a light golden brown skin tone with a slender body. He has beautiful dark auburn curly hair, with light freckles on his cheeks and nose. Though the whole Madrigal family has different facial features, hairstyles, and skin complexions, Camilo resembles his Abuelo Pero the most.

He has also inherited a big part of Pedro’s dressing style, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The shirt’s collar is always open and the buttons mismatched closed, with the rest of the outfit left unbuttoned and loose. He tucks the right side of his shirt into his black pants and wears a yellow ruana with dark yellow streaks worn with black sandals to match the outfit. Not much of his net worth is known. Furthermore, he lives in Casita with his family.

camilo madrigal Physical Features

5. Personality

Camilo is the prankster of the Madrigal family who loves to tease his loved ones and crack jokes. Even though he can be an imp most of the time, he has a heart of gold. Looking out and being there for his family. From time to time he passes snide remarks like how the family was homeless after the destruction of Casita.

He is also described as the ‘Theater Kid’, who is easygoing, loving, funny, and witty unlike his older sister who is always quiet and a younger brother of shy nature. Camilo is a child who loves to be in the spotlight and enjoys telling exaggerated stories made from rumors. Though it is not much openly shown during the movie, Camilo loves playing soccer with kids from town and with the Casita.

6. Magical Powers

Camilo Madrigal is blessed with shape-shifting magical ability. His ruana, collar, and sandals also have chameleons made on them to symbolize his power. He has refined control over his ability but it also comes with its own limitations. Likewise, he can only shapeshift into people, not animals or objects.

With his speed and agility, he can change into different people of different age levels to run and jump according to his need. When he shifts, he can also mimic the voice of the person he shapeshifted into. Other than that, shock, pain, and stress can have him involuntarily shifting into different people.


Camilo Madrigal FAQ

1. What are Camilo Madrigal’s likes and dislikes?

Despite Camilo’s sweet and impish nature, he does have his own likes and dislikes. Camilo does not like to be put into dangerous situations, getting caught, getting scolded, he cannot see his brother sad, or sister throwing flowers at his face. Fear of losing his power is also something he is not fond of at all.

2. Does Camilo suffer from an identity crisis?

Unfortunately yes, this favorite character of us all does suffer from an identity crisis. The reason is that he loves to help others yet his shapeshifting ability is not much of the help, unlike other family members. He does his best to hide his insecurities and fears with his cheerful and loving demeanor.

3. What type of relationship does Camilo have with Bruno?

For a long time, Camilo is not much aware of his uncle Bruno, and all he knows of him is from the rumors. This makes Camilo think that Bruno has a sinister personality and is surrounded by rats. He, later on, finds out that Bruno did not go away and is living in the house with them. And upon Bruno’s return, he and Camilo have a quiet conversation with all misunderstandings cleared.


Despite everything, Camilo Madrigal is a character of genuine heart who loves to help others. The whole movie Encanto represents a normal life family with a magical touch to it. Camilo for many is the heart of the story even though he is a supporting character. He is an enthusiastic teenager who is still discovering himself. With his social and charming personality, he takes care of entertaining his loved ones and at the same time won the hearts of many fans.

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