Best Floor Lamps for Dark Room


A dark room needs light from a source that does not overpower the ambiance. The gaming room or the living room sees a lot of participation in a house. Lighting matters a lot to brighten up the mood and give a welcoming atmosphere for everyone present.

If you are looking for the best floor lamps for dark room, you have come to the right place. There are many options available online, but the search can be confusing. We have included some top picks in the article to help you out. There is also a buying guide to aid with the decision.

Maxsure Floor Lamp with Shelves

A floor lamp with a shelf becomes a great pick based on aesthetics and functionality. It can be placed in the living room or the bedroom as well as in the study room because it makes for a good decorative piece. The shelf is at the bottom with the light mounted on top of it.

It is made of wooden material, so durability is not an issue, and it can hold significant weight. There is also a charging function for many devices. You can power your AC and go with USB charging your mobile or any other device.

So apart from storage and a potential bookshelf, it will also double as a charging port. The user will also choose between three color temperatures depending on the ambiance. The color temperatures range from 3000K to 6500K. You will have to assemble the shelf yourself, but it is not difficult because a detailed instruction manual is provided when the item is shipped.

The product comes with three shelves, so it will attain a significant height and keep the bulb away from the reach of children. It is the perfect addition to the side of the bed or the couch. It is your choice on how you want to organize the shells, depending on your aesthetic preferences.


BoostArea Floor Lamp

Sometimes the interior design has a particular theme for which the lamp needs to be aesthetically pleasing. BoostArea provides an eco-friendly lighting option for any dark room. It is powered by an LED bulb that has a longer lifespan and is brighter. There is also a light adjustment facility ranging from 100% to 30%.

The shade of the light is made of natural linen, which protects the eyes and is not very harsh in a dark room. The linen lampshade is covered with a PVC lining for extra protection. It also protects the bulb under needs as it is oil resistant and waterproof. Even though the light from the bulb is white, it is warmer in a glow which suits a cozy home atmosphere.

When the assembly is done, one can switch it on and have it light up any dark room. The height of the product is 63 inches, and it has a stable base for homes with pets and babies. Assembly time is 5 to 10 minutes, after which it is ready to go. There is also a footswitch, so you will not have to bend down to light up the room. Smart connectivity is also anan advantage, so this product can light up right from your mobile.


  • Has a Footswitch
  • Easy and Quick Assembly
  • 2700K Glow
  • Energy Efficient LED
  • Lampshade Made of Natural Linen

Vintage Tree Lamp Farmhouse Rustic

Getting a vintage feel in the home will be complete with multiple lights. There are three lamps attached to this product with PVC lamp shades. The PVC film on each covering is waterproof and oil resistant, which gives added safety to your home. It also helps make the light less harsh on the eyes, making it perfect for a dark room.

Another advantage of this option is the dimmability from 0 to 100%. The diminished feature extends the lamp’s lifespan and allows for a proper ambiance in the living room or bedroom. If you are reading a book or studying, the light can be turned to 100% rightness.

The contraption is a pole with three different bulbs attached. It has a very sturdy base to balance all the weight it will be holding. Just because it has high functionality does not mean you will compromise on aesthetics. It gives them a very elegant look, whether off or on. The product will come with three LEDs, so you do not have to go shopping for it.


  • Built-in PVC coating
  • Strong base
  • Stepless dimming
  • Comes with 2700K LED bulbs
  • 66 inches in height

LASTAR Standing Lamp for Living Room

Many floor lamps do not offer the adjustability feature, even if they offer to change the dimness of the bulb. Adjustability is related to the angle of the light and how it falls in the room or on an object. With this product, you will get a custom adjustment of brightness and also with adjusting the color temperature.

The color temperature will allow you to give cool or warm lighting depending on whether you are relaxing or studying. This is a smart floor lamp with a memory function. If it is restarted, the brightness goes back to the most recent set of brightness and warmth. It has LED bulbs that do not affect the eyes because of an adjustable neck.

The user can angle the light at a 360-degree angle. The bulb is glare-free, which prevents eye fatigue. This product comes with smart controls embedded in the pole. It is modern and comes with a sturdy base. Its minimalistic design will not interfere with your interior theme and will give maximum functionality. Because of the slick design, it can also be placed between furniture in cramped places.


  • Product dimensions: 8.3″D x 8.3″W x 64″H
  • Offers 3000-6000K range of variation in color temperature
  • 360° adjustable neck
  • Comes with a 45-minute timer function
  • Heavy base

Torchlet RGB Color Changing LED Floor Lamp

Floor lamps usually have bulbs attached at the top and a simple pole supporting the weight. This product offers a very cool design that will go with different types of interior decoration. It has a long lamp with textured white fabric. It is not only needed for lighting but also to add aesthetics to the room. It is perfect for a dark gaming room or a bedroom for a child.

This product allows multiple colors to be displayed at once. The customization features offer an option of choosing from 16 million colors. You can choose from your phone which lighting effect to choose depending on the occasion and ambiance. It can also be accustomed to multiple changes depending on which game you are playing or which movie you are watching.

It can also be synced with music playing in the background for more personalization. The RGB technology allows for a range of color temperatures between 3300 to 6300K. It is a very rich interior lighting for multiple occasions. The slow lamp can be paired with different smart devices like your mobile phone, Alexa, and the Google assistant.


  • Very Easy Voice Control
  • Lampshade made of fabric
  • Offers 16 million color choices
  • Can be synced with smart devices

Buying Guide For Buying The Best Floor Lamps For Dark Room


Reading the features of all the products mentioned above might have given you an idea of what to look for. This buying guide will help give some advice on picking the best floor lamps for dark rooms. Depending on the location of the lamp and also its functionality, you can easily find a good option online. Here are some features you cannot compromise while getting a new one.

Bulbs Used

Almost all the lamps currently sold are compatible with LED bulbs. They have a longer lifespan than any other light and are more energy-efficient. They save up on the electricity bill and provide bright light.

The bulbs determine how economical the purchase will be for you. Finding compatibility with LED lights is a must if you want to make most of the purchase and use it for long durations.


Adjustability matters a lot while looking for a light source. We are talking about the adjustability of the bulb, so the light falls at the right angle. The bulb’s glare should not be difficult on the eyes and should help in comfort rather than making people squint. If the product has an adjustable neck, it is an advantage, especially if the floor lamp is installed in a study room. The greater the angle of adjustability, the better the lamp is for reading.

Smart Control

Today almost everything is controlled by the smartwatch or a smartphone. One can switch on fans, the AC, the TV, and lights through their phone. It is natural to expect smart device compatibility with the product. The product will be a great purchase if it can be voice-controlled.

Smart control allows for more accessibility and convenience for daily use. Read the product specifications slowly to see if it can be accessed through a mobile application or with Alexa or Google assistant.

Switch Types

There are different types of switches available with different products. Some of them are activated with voice control and smart devices. Many products still come with rotary switches.

Both types of switches have their advantages depending on whether you have access to your phone at all times. The best type of switch is foot switches that add more comfort to the usage. But a footswitch is only a good choice if the lamp is accessible and not in between furniture pieces.


Floor lamps are a great height and cover more than half of the room. Any floor light above 60 inches and about 65 inches is a good choice for a dark room. It can be handy for a living room or a bedroom where the light needs to be spread to a wider area. The height can be adjusted too if the floor lamp has an adjustable neck. It is also advisable to look at the layer of the bulb from any height to see if it is good for the eyes.


Finding the right floor lamp for a dark room depends on the intensity of the light and the product design. It is important to pick a product that is to the comfort of the home and is also aesthetically pleasing. It should be budget-friendly and compatible with smart devices for more convenience. A good product will light up any dark room and will look good while doing it.



How many lamps are needed for a dark room?

The number of lights in a room depends on the size. If the room is small, it will be well lit with just one lamp. If there is some natural lighting in a bigger room, it will only need two at the most. The best approach is to buy one and see how it lights up the room before getting another one.

Why do floor lamps need to have dimmability?

Floor lamps are made for both aesthetic and convenience. They should look good but also contribute to the mood lighting of any room. Mood lighting is related to adjusting the light’s color temperature and dimmability. The bulb usually runs at 100% brightness which can be told down depending on the occasion. Dimmability will help the user to lamp for different uses from studying to relaxing.

How should I decide which floor lamp to buy?

Based on specifications, you can easily choose the right floor lamp for your home. The product specifications of different options should be compared to see which one suits your needs the best. All of the products have a different range of features. Comparing them can help in deciding which one is meant for your home. The right products will also fit your budget, so look at the price and whether it is worth paying for the given features.