Why Is ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’ So Popular in the USA

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Gordon Ramsey is without a doubt one of the most famous chefs in the whole world. Although he had an affinity for football as a child, he soon realized that his future was linked to food and cuisine and enrolled in hotel management studies. It didn’t take long for him to be convinced that he had made the right move, and he started opening restaurants. Very quickly, he started recording culinary shows of different characters that contributed to his popularity, but also delighted people all over the world because his culinary skills grew with each new episode. However, if you thought that his shows were classic cooking shows, you were wrong. Of all his shows, the one that attracts the audience’s special attention is undoubtedly Kitchen’s nightmares, a show in which he visits the worst restaurants, the ones you can’t believe even exists. Why is that show so popular all over the world, especially in the USA?

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This British chef became world famous thanks to culinary shows, the most popular of which is Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon has gained many fans for his honesty, spontaneity, and vocabulary full of expletives. In this show, restaurant owners invite Gordon to improve their business, if possible. When we first those restaurants, we usually think that’s impossible, but somehow he always makes a miracle and the business starts growing. Of course, if the owner takes advice because Gordon can be really cruel and very often offensive. So why do people like this show?

This show is different from everything we saw until now. It is not a fairytale, it represents restaurants in completely another light. Gordon Ramsay and his characteristic blend of fierce criticism and inspirational leadership reveal just how stressful it is to try to help struggling restaurants. But even with Gordon’s vast experience, it is an extremely difficult but also exciting task. In one sentence… Hell has never been closer! This is precisely what attracts viewers, the suspense, and the excitement that each new episode brings. This show originated in Great Britain, but very quickly began broadcasting on the American market.

What attracts viewers to this type of show is its educational and entertaining character. Some will surely laugh when they read this, wondering what Ramsey’s sharp language, peppered with many curse words, has to do with education. Yes, you will often hear ugly words, but by education, we mean education about running a business because that is its main task – to recognize a problem and offer a solution. Americans like the rest of the world love Kitchen’s nightmares precisely because the concept of the show is completely different from all the other culinary ones we’ve seen so far.

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The reality TV show follows Gordon around restaurants that can’t do business successfully for any reason – it doesn’t matter if it’s bad food, rude staff, bad hygiene, or something else entirely. Very often, mistakes are visible, but those that we, the viewers, miss are also often sneaked in. This is exactly the charm of this show. Yes, there are often some awkward situations and arguments, but let’s face it, we like to watch that too! Some even speculate that everything is planned, but who knows, the audience is interesting no matter what, right? On starchef2.games you will find anything you want to know about this topic.

Given that the focus is on the kitchen, here we can often learn something new about the way certain food is prepared, a recipe, but also about the interior, business, the importance of home-made, quality products, and much more.

“Kitchen’s nightmares” is a very interesting and successful series that we all followed. He had good space in the media, and he attracted a lot of attention, but what he addressed here for the first time is that the chef is coming to help the situation with the kitchen, but not only with the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsey is undoubtedly recognizable for his behavior, but also for his shows, which are anything but ordinary cool. With as many as 16 Michelin stars awarded to his restaurants and culinary reality shows, it is safe to say that he is also one of the most successful chefs today.

In these unpredictable times, especially when we are forced to stay at home for some reasons such as the coronavirus pandemic, it offers viewers an exciting exploration of the world from the safety of their home, but also encourages them to try new flavors and preparation methods discovered by the experts I meet on my journey. . The world is a huge place full of diversity, and Ramsey claims we’ve only just begun to explore all the amazing flavors this planet has to offer.

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It seems that today, more than ever before, people around the world love to talk about food more and more. Modern media and social networks have taken their toll, so it’s no surprise that food is one of the favorite topics to read, surf, and watch. The common feature of all people on this planet of ours is that they have to eat. Broadcasts, reality shows, and documentary series about food have been very popular for years. Apart from the fact that through them you can get inspiration, that is, an idea for the next lunch or dinner, they are educational in nature, so you can also learn a lot about gastronomy.

We won’t be wrong if we say that it was among Americans that his special character came to the fore, his unusual behavior with a lot of profanities spoken during each show. Ramsay is known for his fantastic culinary skills, but also for the fact that he insults the contestants, forcing the chefs to try their failed dishes, which he eventually spits and throws in the bin, and sometimes even breaks the dishes. He’s hysterical, sarcastic, and sassy as much as he’s a great cook, and that’s how he’s risen to the very top of culinary entertainers.