Bringing the Community Together: The Importance of School Assemblies


Each education system has its specificities. However, most state and private schools have school assemblies that function very actively and contribute to the prosperity of students. In addition, school assemblies are bringing the community together, and here’s how.

School Assembly Makes School a Better Place

Each state and private school, which takes care of the quality of education – will enable students, teachers, and parents to take part in its work. It is possible through different school organizations, but also school assemblies. The school assemblies have been long-known to most schools in the US and Canada but also Europe.

Most of them have one common denominator. Their main priority is to make school a better place. It’s a place where students can exchange their opinions and attitudes – but sometimes they can also have a good time.

What is Its Purpose?


At first sight, this may almost seem unnecessary to some people. However, the truth is far from it. Experts who work with children will tell you that these meetings are very important for the future development of kids since they encourage them to think. Also, they have an important role in the social and emotional development of children.

These are school meetings where students, along with teachers and sometimes parents – actively participate in debates on different topics. Many pedagogues will agree that school assembly with well-designed topics and discussions is sometimes equally important as teaching lessons. And if you ask yourself why here’s the answer.


An institution such as a school assembly has several advantages that we may sometimes not be aware of. According to Teen Truth, that is not only encouraging the progress of students and teachers by growing their mutual relationship – but it also affects us all on a much higher level by bringing the community together. Take a look at what ways.

Cognition of the advantages of education and encouraging free thinking

When we talk about such meetings, we have to point out they are primarily beneficial to our children. Namely, students have a chance to find out more about the school events and get to know everything they are interested in. They will find out in what way, through school activities, they can make progress and how the school as an institution can be a good springboard for their further future.

On the other hand, participation in debates on different topics will encourage students to think, get to conclusions and make decisions – which is of immeasurable importance at a later age.

Growing the spirit of the community


As we grow up, this part is slowly starting to fade and we become strict individuals who do not care much for anything around us. That is wrong, and this is exactly one of the biggest advantages of school assemblies. In the present time, children rarely have the opportunity to gather together and participate in some common activities. This way, it will help kids to feel the spirit of togetherness, encourages the school spirit, and develops collective motivation.

Interest in extracurricular activities

We can say that this is an almost perfect place where you can hang out, have fun and learn a lot. It is a place where you will develop your mutual relationships with friends – but also teachers and even parents who may be included in some actions. This way, children will see that school is not just a place where boring lessons must be learned.

On the contrary, it can be a place where you will get together with fellow students and teachers – and discover that school can be fun. You can also encourage your creativity and jointly organize fun events that can be significant to your community – and that is a good feeling.

Development of acceptable social values

We all learn social values throughout our lives. However, the path to this is paved in the period of schooling and childhood. By participating in such meetings, children will have the opportunity to learn some life lessons along with their peers. They will accept certain good patterns of behavior, such as taking responsibility, accepting differences, and recognizing bad things like crime, abuse, and similar things. All this can help not just our kids, but the entire community.

Adoption of socially acceptable behavior


Being in school generally implies belonging to a group. However, children must learn in time, which social groups they should and should not belong to. To that end, they should be encouraged to accept established social patterns of behavior – and they can adopt them with the help of teachers and their peers within the school assembly.

There, they can learn to move out of their comfort zone and discuss topics without the support of their circle of friends. That also brings them into a situation where they will have to stand up for what they believe in, and that will further boost their self-esteem.

Self-awareness and boosting confidence

Events like discussions are useful for young people. Namely, they will develop their self-confidence through their participation in various panels. That is an opportunity where students can practice speaking in front of a larger group of people – and thus overcome the fear of public speaking. Also, students will have a chance to offer some of their ideas or solutions for certain problems that exist within the school community.

They will also be able to show their creativity in organizing various school events such as the prom and similar. All this greatly helps the development of self-confidence in children and young people – who will learn to overcome their fears and get to know themselves and their qualities in a much better way.

The Bottom Line

When we look at all the mentioned aspects, we can see that school assemblies really hold the community together. Everyone is here with the same goal – teachers, parents, and children. The goal is simple but not always easily achievable – and that’s to make good and capable people of our children, who will one day be useful members of the community.