Unlocking Global Access: How Proxies Enhance Your Online Presence Overseas

Proxies Enhance Your Online Presence Overseas

A proxy server is nothing but an intermediary between a client and the internet service provider. This essentially means that the IP address of your computer will be routed through that of the proxy. So, depending upon the location of the proxy, the sites or the social media channels that you visit will see the address of the proxy.

So, if you wish to get a proxy server from a country like Indonesia and let people know that you are operating via Indonesia, you can go to https://proxy-store.com/en/type/for_all/id.

Hence, when you get a proxy server, you can be in any part of the world, India, Bangladesh or Tokyo, but it will seem like you are operating from the UK if your proxy server is from the UK.

Proxy Server, Businesses And Global Presence

Businesses often make use of proxy servers to make an overseas presence and to expand their reach. There are several reasons a businessman or a manufacturer may wish to use these servers, and some of the reasons are discussed in the blog post below.

Gaining Customers Trust

One of the major factors that people in business consider while running their business is how to gain the customers’ trust. When you use a particular computer to give reviews or add any information pertaining to your product, the geo-location or the source from which the information comes matters.

Customers will trust a review or a comment that comes from their home country rather than a country that is located far away and is culturally distant. So, if you are selling shoes for the French people, it makes complete business sense to use a proxy server that gives you a French location.

Getting Geo-Specific Business Information And Trends

Location-specific business information or trends are only available to computers or IP addresses that are local. So, for instance, if a particular meme or trend is ruling the charts in the United States, it is obvious that any business would want to make use of the trending meme to promote their products and services.

Hence, having a local IP can give a business a wealth of information that can be used to create good leads and ensure the growth of the business.

Accessing Many Websites

Accessing Many Websites

Many websites are notorious for restricting the viewership of their content to a specific location or country. Netflix is quite famous for restricting the viewing of its content from particular countries.

Businesses want to grow, and it can be quite frustrating to not be able to access a particular website or YouTube channel due to location-specific restrictions. Hence, most businesses get proxy servers for countries like the US and the UK so that most of the content that is available online can be seamlessly accessed by them.

Promoting Employee Productivity

Promoting the productivity of employees during work hours and that of those who are working remotely is a crucial consideration for all corporations. One of the easy ways of ensuring employee efficiency during work hours is by restricting certain websites for employee access.

Proxy servers route and control the internet traffic to a particular client. In this way, the result of using a proxy server and firewall protection is quite similar. However, the way in which both these protections work is quite different.

A proxy server can ensure restricting website access by rerouting a firewall that monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic from a system. The incoming and outgoing (packets) of information are filtered, and only those information bits that are allowed are accessible.

Hence, a proxy server acts both ways. It can let an employee gain access to location-restricted sites and information by rerouting it. At the same time, it can allow access to otherwise blocked channels and sites via rerouting.

In fact, the ability to block malicious websites is crucial for business as it stops the spread of malware that can disrupt the entire computer system of a corporation.

Reducing Lag Times In Business Operations

Time lags or delays while uploading websites or sending emails can be really frustrating. One of the ways in which you can reduce loading times for websites is by using proxy caches. Proxy caching reduces bandwidth use and reduces loading times for websites.

Enhancing Security When The Business Is Expanding

Enhancing Security When The Business Is Expanding

A business that is going global or expanding at a rapid pace becomes subject to a lot of security concerns as well. Using a proxy server can be a boon for security purposes; it prevents hackers from accessing the user’s IP address. Likewise, some proxy servers can be used to set up encryptions, which can enhance the security of a system.

A business, especially one that is expanding rapidly, can easily become a victim of cyber security attacks. Hence, using encryptions and firewall-like protections is necessary for a smooth global expansion.

Factors To Consider While Selecting A Proxy Service?

Selecting A Proxy Service

From the points that have been discussed above, it is amply clear that using proxy servers has numerous advantages when you want to establish an overseas presence. However, you must make sure that you keep the following points in mind while dealing with a service provider.

Take Into Account The Internet Speed

A good internet speed is crucial for expanding business. So do not deal with a company that offers less than one Gbps of internet speed.

Take Into Account The Service Quality

A proxy server that gives you patchy internet service and shows you offline on and often is definitely bad news for business expansion. So make a deal with a company that gives great internet connectivity at all times.


The country for which you want a proxy server might be chosen very carefully. Make a deal with a service provider so that you can local IP addresses for all the countries that are pertinent to your business.

So look for service providers who give you local IP addresses for developed countries like the UK or the US for emerging markets like India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Getting a proxy server has several advantages, but make a prudent choice to get most of the benefits like good security, greater global presence etc.