Top 30 Richest Actors In The World Right Now

Top 30 Richest Actors In The World Right Now
Image: Flickr
Top 30 Richest Actors In The World Right Now
Image: Flickr

So, here we are with the names of the 30 richest actors as of now in 2024. The amazing part is that the female actors are on the top and the first one on the list won’t be a surprise to you at all.

Being rich is not something one can become with just one source of income. These actors have invested their earnings in multiple ways and started their own business ventures which turned out successful because of their own market value and name. This list has American, Indian, and actors from various nationalities who have a fan circle of millions all around the world. Initially, their charisma, charm, and talent generated money for them, but now they are peacefully enjoying huge profits from their business.

Oprah Winfrey is the one we want you to know is the richest actor having an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion in 2024 followed by Jami Gertz who has a $3 billion dollars estimated net worth. Now this is a huge amount, isn’t it? Winfrey already became a millionaire in her 30s because of her talk show popularity, later she started her own production company. Gertz owns a sports team and a vast amount of her estimated net worth is because of her billionaire husband Antony Ressler. Let’s check out about others in our today’s list.

RankActorsNet Worth ($)
1.Oprah Winfrey3.5B
2.Jami Gertz3B
3.Jacqueline Gold860M
4.Tom Cruise600M
5.Shahrukh Khan600M
6.Simon Cowell600M
7.George Clooney500M
8.Robert De Niro500M
9.The Olsen Twins500M
10.Dr Phil460M
11.Ryan Seacrest450M
12.Mel Gibson425M
13.Arnold Schwarzenegger400M
14.Bill Cosby400M
15.Brock Pierce400M
16.Jack Nicholson400M
17.Jackie Chan400M
18.Jennifer Lopez400M
19.Penn and Teller400M
20.Sylvester Stallone400M
21.Tom Hanks400M
22.Clint Eastwood375M
23.Keanu Reeves360M
24.Mark Wahlberg350M
25.Michael Douglas350M
26.Sean Connery350M
27.Victoria Principal350M
28.Will Smith350M
29.Brad Pitt300M
30.Edward Norton300M

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