Why is Shipping From Greece to The United Kingdom so Expensive?

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There is no denying – we all enjoy receiving something. So, if you live in Greece and if you recently went to the nearest post office in order to mail a parcel to your friend or, perhaps, customer, you might have left there completely in shock by the price you needed to give for the parcel to be shipped out.

Because Greece and Britain are both located in Europe, you might be wondering why is it so expensive to ship a package there. Luckily, our article below will shed some light on the entire topic, so, without further ado, here is everything that you should learn about the high shipping fees:

1. There is A Shortage of Shipping Containers

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One of the reasons why it’s increasingly expensive to mail parcels from Greece to Great Britain is that there is a global shortage of shipping containers. In the past two years when we were living in lockdown due to COVID-19, China has sent a lot of containers to America and Europe. But, when the lockdown began, it caused a delay, meaning that a lot of products got stuck in China. Because of this, there is still a lack of containers, because of the increasing customer demands, which leads us to our next point…

2. Increased Customer Demands

Again, because of the lockdown, almost all people turned to online shops for purchasing goods, from groceries to clothes, electronics, toys, and so on. Because there was an increase in customer demand, it’s natural that this has led to an increase in prices as well. Additionally, due to the rising inflation all over the world, online businesses now have to charge a higher price not only for their products but for shipping the packages out as well.

3. Transportation Got Expensive as Well

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Since the shipping industry has a lot of work to be done due to the increase in customer demand, shipping has gotten really expensive, no matter if you’re shipping from and to a European country or to a different continent. The expenses a business is expected to pay for a single container range from 3.000 to 8.000 dollars, and because of the delays, increasing gas and power prices, as well as limited space, it’s now more expensive to send from sunny Greece to the UK.

However, you should understand that there is a wide array of online calculators that you could use, all of which will help you estimate the price of shipping a parcel. By submitting all the important details like the location of the sender/receiver and the weight of the box, you can get a cost estimate, thus, it’ll be easier for you to know how much you’ll need to pay. To check how much you’ll need to pay for the package you wish to send, check out https://spourgitis.gr/en/greece-united-kingdom-transports/.

4. Both The Manufacturing And Shipping Industries Are Busy

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As we’ve already mentioned, during the last two years, there has been an incredible increase in online purchases. Because of this, both the manufacturing and the shipping industries got extremely busy, which of course, caused the prices to skyrocket. Additionally, the limited number of items being shipped to people, as well as the delays caused by lockdowns set by governments from all over the world led to a rise in fees as well.

Besides this, once the packages get off the shipping containers, couriers have to deliver them to the purchasers, and since almost all of us opted for online shopping, companies had to hire new employees to satisfy the growing demand for different goods. All of this, combined with the reasons we’ve mentioned above made shipping to any foreign country incredibly expensive for a lot of individuals and businesses.

5. The Coronavirus is Still a Threat

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Although a lot of countries have lifted their lockdown and protective measures, and though they have opened up their airports and borders, the coronavirus is still a threat to many shipping companies. Currently, some countries – such as China – have already implemented new lockdowns, which means that again, online shopping is on a rise. Hence, if the infection numbers continue to grow, we can expect shipping prices to grow as well.

6. The Suez Canal Accident Impacted the Costs

Now, you might be wondering – what does the Suez Canal incident have to do with shipping expenses? Turn out, a lot. Since it caused major delays and disturbances in 2024 by getting stuck, it blocked the way for seven days, meaning that other ships couldn’t pass. This particular event cost more than $2 billion dollars in international trade. Though the blocked path has since been cleared there are still some ships that are delivering goods from last year.

You Could Utilize Alternatives Mailing Options

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You should know that there are companies that can send parcels from Greece to Britain for a cheaper cost. This means that by choosing an appropriate and reliable platform, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars on shipping fees. Now, the first step is almost always for you to choose the best option for yourself, as well as input your banking details – which is the main reason why you must opt for a reliable and legit platform.

Additionally, most of the platforms that you can opt for will provide you with an insurance option, meaning that you can guarantee that you’ll be covered in case the package gets damaged or lost. Again, there will probably be so many options that you could choose from, thus, when searching for a company that’ll haul your parcel from Greece to Great Britain, ensure that you’re opting for the right one.


COVID-19, an increase in customer demand, rising prices of gas and fuel, as well as an increased need for couriers have all led to an increase in shipping expenses all over the globe. Currently, there is still a lot of online shopping taking place, which is why it isn’t expected that the shipping prices will drop anytime soon.

Since you now know why you might need to pay a lot of money for sending a package from Greece to the United Kingdom, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, you should start looking for an independent shipping company so that you can save some money on all shipping fees.