Tips For Making The Ultimate Smoke Bomb Photos

Smoke bombs are a fun way to add some flair to your next photo shoot.

You can use them for any big or small shoot, as well as when creating any type of art. The practice of using smoke bombs as a photographic prop has become increasingly common and viral all over social media.

Smoke bombs are so popular that even wedding photographers use them.

Pinterest’s color smoke pictures are a perfect example of why this is.

Portraits and landscapes could benefit from the use of colored smoke.

Get in on the trend by planning your own smoke bomb picture shoot! Keep on reading and realize how to get the best shot.

Top 6 tips for making the ultimate smoke bomb photos

1. Check out their burn time & activation

Some smoke bombs last longer than others in terms of duration.

If you’re about to use them (and you have never used them before), go for something that will give you close to a minute of active output for each smoke bomb; that way, you’ll have time to fine-tune.

The amount of smoke in your image will determine how opaque it appears.

Choose in advance whether you want a thin, transparent coating or a thick, opaque one to create a foggy appearance. You can also go for the wire activation kind. A wire pull is convenient, but it has a price.

Whatever variety you choose, just be sure to use it correctly!

2. Safety is important

Keep in mind the potential risks while using smoke bombs as a photography prop.

The most dangerous type of smoke bomb is the kind that needs to be lit on fire, for example.

If used in the vicinity of dry grass or trees, a fire may break out.

Use only in a well-lit area free of combustibles and on a level surface.

You should also remember that inhaling tobacco smoke can irritate your throat and eyes.

It’s important to let others know about any potential risks before utilizing them. The risks associated with employing smoke bombs in photography make their use unadvisable whenever subjects include children or animals.

Additionally, it is recommended to have assistance when taking images including smoke bombs.

3. Check the weather + bring water

Strong winds are a smoke grenade’s deadliest adversary.

The colored smoke can stand out more in a light breeze, but a strong wind will rapidly sweep it away.

It could be necessary to postpone your session if the weather isn’t cooperative.

We are all aware that grenades have the potential to ignite adjacent grass or other combustibles with smoke flares.

Since they behave like pyrotechnics because of this, it’s a good idea to carry a bucket of water to the set just in case.

In the event that the smoke grenade explodes due to obstruction, sparks may fly.

Get away from it as soon as you can, and put it in a metal bucket.

You should also use water to cool it before discarding it.

4. Plan your shots

You should prepare your smoke bomb photography in advance because there is a limited time frame in which you may capture the effects of the smoke bomb. It doesn’t matter who is shooting the scene, or what they’re using either.

Money is tight, so you’ll need to move quickly and carefully.

The smoke dissipates after a short while, and there are times when you need to let it accumulate before you can create a truly dramatic smoky effect.

If you want to avoid wasting time and money, you should have your desired result in mind before you start shooting.

If you want to get the most out of your time on set, you should have a strategy for each scene before you get there.

In addition, the shots should be practiced without smoke bombs first so that they are fine-tuned when the smoke is introduced.

5. Try different shutter speeds and be flexible

After setting off a smoke bomb, obtaining sharp photographs requires a quick shutter speed.

You may capture the intricacies and puffs of smoke by using shutter speeds between 1/800 and 1/2500 (or higher).

Increase the ISO or decrease the aperture to avoid blurring at fast shutter rates.

Due to the smoke being blown around by the wind, a quick shutter speed is necessary in order to get a dramatic shot.

Your images will have a dreamy, mellow feel thanks to motion blur, which is created by a slower shutter speed.

If you don’t obtain the ideal shot the first time, keep trying!

Think about making numerous iterations, or “tries,” to allow for development and learning from your errors.

You can save whole bombs by pre-planning your compositions and stances.

Before your clients press the shutter, take a few test shots to ensure the exposure and focus are perfect.

6. Enclose the smoke bob in an object

Ingeniously making use of the smoke bomb by placing it in a prop is yet another option. This is very popular and quite ‘Instagram-like’.

Accessories like a lamp, basket, birdcage, etc., could be added to the model if they fit.

Magical qualities can be seen in the colorful mist it emits.

This technique is widely used by photographers as a means of raising the visual appeal of their photographs.

The everyday device’s multicolored smoke emissions may give your photographs a weird quality, but something totally new, edgy & worth exploring.

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