iTunes Top 100 Alternative Songs

iTunes Top 100 Alternative Songs

Alternative songs truly have a separate fan base, because the word ‘alternative’ was taken literally when these songs alienated from popular pop and rock songs. So, if you’re not getting the feel from your songs, give alternative songs a go.

The alternative musicians started separating from mainstream songs from the early ’70s for several reasons. As that gave birth to a whole new genre of absolutely crazy music, fans got separated too.

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Fun fact is, alternative music isn’t out of range from the mainstream as singers like Billie Eilish are extremely popular on the mainstream. Also, Imagine Dragons produce the same kind of music.

iTunes has accumulated the most popular 100 Alternative Songs of 2024 on their chart. It is based on the number of downloads from Amazon and iTunes. The price for a permanent download for each song is around $1.29. You can stream the songs as well on Apple Music.