iTunes Top 100 Classical Songs

iTunes Top 100 Classical Songs Chart

Classical songs have always been a subject of musical intellectuals, or so people say. But there is no denying that to appreciate someone like Chopin, or Beethoven, you must have deep musical knowledge. Otherwise, a world-class composition is nothing but a bunch of organized tunes.

Even if then, it sounds very sweet. If you’re not yet ready to touch the celestial heights, today’s musicians like Max Richter, Hans Zimmer, Mark Isham are great to start with.

If you want to experience tunes or more specifically musical instruments in their true forms, classical music is the best stop for you. A violin, a piano, or even a jazz guitar is extremely melodic and has a soothing power that is difficult to comprehend in any other forms.

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That’s why audiophiles and music enthusiasts prefer classical music to feel calm and relax. Chances are you’ve also listened to Mozart’s symphonies in the form of meditation music.

The iTunes top 100 Classical songs chart accumulates a list of the most popular song. You can buy them from Amazon or iTunes on a single song or album basis. Streaming service is available on Apple Music.