iTunes Top 100 Holiday Songs

iTunes Top 100 Holiday Songs Chart

Playing Holiday songs, even when it’s not a Holiday is kinda cool. Play the iTunes top 100 Holiday songs list to get the charm beforehand.

The chart is filled with songs of Christmas, Halloween, and carols. Listen to them on a lonely afternoon or with family while you wait for the next Christmas.

Irrelevant to your musical taste, this playlist is for everyone. It has pop, rock, soul, R&B, Country, Jazz, and even Children’s lullaby inside the list.

Relax your mind from the daily hassle, and let your inner self take a plunge into the dreamland. Let Josh Groban’s voice take care of you and the rhythm of Hallelujah feel you calm and more composed.

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This whole experience is available to you through the most popular songs of 2024. Listen to them on Apple Music, or download them from iTunes or Amazon for just $1.29 each. Let the music guide your way to Christmas.