iTunes Top 100 Fitness & Workout Songs

iTunes Top 100 Fitness & Workout Songs Chart

The workout should be intense, as the fitness gurus say, “no pain, no gain.” That’s why you need to choose your music accordingly. For the slow warmup and Yoga session, listen to calm and steady music that lets you focus.

Once you’re past that level and you’re ready for weights, play the heavy bass, metal, or hard rock songs to give you the boost you need. And all of these songs can be found in one place, iTunes’s top 100 Fitness & Workout songs of 2024.

The chart combines all sorts of workout and fitness music you need. The popularity is measured by the number of downloads and streams it gets. That means you’re not alone working out on those beats.

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So, even if you’re exercising on your own, imagine a group of equally dedicated and motivated health enthusiasts is working out with you. This will boost your confidence and intensity together. Most of the songs are available for under $1.29 each. Download as many as you want and keep exercising.