iTunes Top 100 Reggae Songs

iTunes Top 100 Reggae Songs Chart

Reggae is a genre that has transcended worldly boundaries and within five decades, it’s gained global popularity. The iTunes top 100 Reggae songs have accumulated the 100 most played/downloaded songs of 2024 in iTunes globally.

From the diversity of the songs and the timeline, you can say both old and new Reggae is getting more and more popular. The chart has all sorts of Reggae from dancehall, ska, dub everything.

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The one name that comes with Reggae, Bob Marley, is still untouchable. His work and influence over Reggae keep him at the top everywhere. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the majority of the list going to him.

If you’re a Reggae admirer, it’s heaven for you.¬† Download the songs from iTunes, Amazon, or stream them on Apple Music. It is going to open up a whole new universe for you to explore. The hypnotic rhythms, the soulful lyrics, and the mesmerizing voice- combined together it’s Reggae for You.