iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop and Rap Songs

iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop Rap Songs Chart

Hip-Hop and rap are other popular genres in the massive width of modern music. With each passing day, the number of rappers and hip-hop artists increases because of its tremendous influential power.

The rise of Hip-Hop has given voice to the voiceless, as singers all over the world use it to raise serious issues like hunger, poverty. Although it’s not always the case, the true essence of the genre still lies in that.

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Rappers like Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Tom MacDonald, Nas have created a long-lasting legacy for raising voices against stereotypes and other issues. It’ll be a good start for you to listen to the iTunes playlist if you want some exposure to Hip-Hop.

The songs are available on iTunes, Amazon to buy from. Most of them are $1.29, but you can get some of them at $0.59 each. Other than that, you can stream it on Amazon. Have a nice experience! Don’t worry all of the songs are most popular of 2024, so you’re up to date on trends.