iTunes Top 100 Jazz Songs

iTunes Top 100 Jazz Songs Chart

Jazz is the type of music that requires trained ears to truly enjoy. All the instruments performing in the most sophisticated artistry, and everything sounds so sweet and soulful that one can’t help but love it.

The iTunes top 100 Jazz songs chart only proves my point. The accumulation of some of the most popular songs makes you fall deeper in admiration of the artists. It is roaming the Earth since the very early 1900s.

Started as a musical medium for the African-Americans and later the British-African community, it soon spread to the elite class. It still carries the emotion after a century and its popularity has never sunk.

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Singers like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Louise Armstrong are celebrated in the Jazz lovers community. Today, besides the classic Jazz, there is a new breed of modern jazz is coming up with young musicians.

To sync your brain to this divine musical creation, have a look at the chart created by jazz lovers. You can stream the songs on Apple Music, or buy them from iTunes or Amazon- the price is $0.50-$1.29 each.