iTunes Top 100 R&B/Soul Songs

iTunes Top 100 R&B Soul Songs Chart

It’s time for some R&B/Soul. The iTunes top 100 R&B/Soul songs are here for you. From the colorful ’60s to the new ’20s, it is blooming all over.

From the time of its birth, R&b acquired the heart of millions. It was singers like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson who popularized the genre, influenced millions of people. Since then it has never looked back.

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Singers like The Weeknd and John Legend are today’s superstars. So, if you’re into rhythms and blues, this is your chance to listen to the most popular songs on the chart. It’s a nice mixture of classic and fresh releases.

Download the songs on iTunes and Amazon, also you can stream them on Apple Music. Each song costs around 29 cents to 1 dollar to download.