Dual Motor or Single Motor Electric Scooters: Which is Right for You?

Despite your best efforts, it’s difficult to resist the impulse to try out how much fun it is to drive an electric scooter at speeds close to 30 mph or even higher than that. And once you’ve experienced the thrill of the single-engine scooter, it will not be long before you’re ready for something new and exhilarating, like a dual-motor electric scooter.

But how can one decide what’s the best option for them or what to consider for both types of scooters? Here is a detailed guide regarding which is right for you, a dual-motor commuter e-scooter or a single-motor electric scooter.

What are Dual Motor and Single Motor Electric Scooters?

A scooter that has two motors, first attached to the wheel in the front and another in the back is called a dual-motor scooter. In a dual-motor scooter, each motor may be operated separately. It offers added power for tackling hills or passengers that are hauling.

It increases safety; such as if one motor goes through any malfunction, the second one still supplies power. Whether searching for a strong ride or improved safety features, a dual-motor scooter can be the best option.

A scooter with a single motor has just that, a single motor. This has only one motor instead of a dual-motor arrangement, which has a motor on either side of the e-scooter. This implies they might be unable to manage a dual-motor scooter and tough terrain. Single motor configurations might be more difficult, particularly at high speeds.

Because of this, they might not be the best option for novices or those seeking a relaxing ride. Despite these disadvantages, single-motor setups might still be a great choice for anyone on a budget or who doesn’t require the additional power and speed of a dual-motor scooter.

Dual Motor or Single Motor Electric Scooters Comparison

Most dual-motor electric scooters produce a monstrous joint peak power rating of 1000W and an increased motor power. The ideal scooter for anyone looking for strong torque and quick acceleration is a dual-motor scooter. These magnificent creatures are ideal when you’re prepared to advance your scooter skills.

A dual-motor scooter has tons of power to offer. The bad boy eats up hills, trails, and mountain routes without breaking a sweat, thanks to brushless dual motors with a max output and torque. A dual-motor scooter is the best option if you want to go up hills or if you are a big rider who wants to feel the rush without worrying that the electric scooter will bottom out.

If you are an individual who is just looking for a commuter scooter for daily usage and one that is low on budget, a single-motor e-scooter is ideal for you. However, if you require something more thrilling, exciting, and speedier and can also manage a few extra bucks, you can easily opt for a dual-motor fast electric scooter.

A dual-motor scooter with an upgraded design evenly distributes power throughout the deck, chassis, and wheel arrangement. Because of the placement of the engine at the back and the increased traction this design and arrangement offers when braking, you have superior control and stability when ascending hills.

A dual-motor fast electric scooter has its own integrated fail-safe; if one stops working while you are riding, you can hobble home on the other and avoid the awkward call for help being picked up or having to push it a long distance! However, with a single hub motor, if you experience a motor shutdown or breakdown, you can carry your electric scooter all the way home with you for repair and maintenance.

Instead of a single-motor scooter, an e-scooter may deliver speed, stability, fierce torque, shock absorption, and other performances. While this is happening, a lack of one performance cannot guarantee a wonderful riding experience. But with a single hub motor, you still experience speed, stability, torque, shock absorption, and optimum performance but at a lower rate. A single-hub fat tire e-scooter is ideal for people who just need a commuter scooter for daily usage and on safe roads.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Between Dual Motor and Single Motor Scooters

Here are some factors to consider when choosing between a dual-motor and a single-motor fast electric scooter:

1. Budget Considerations

If you are less on budget, a single-motor electric scooter is the best approach, as it is much cheaper than a dual-motor electric scooter. Due to its numerous perks and benefits, a dual-motor electric scooter is obviously an expensive option but worth buying.

2. Riding Terrain

Single-motor electric scooters have a good and affirmed grip, especially when traveling on inclined and declined terrains. They also perform well while taking turns and swifts, but they are not a good option for wet, slippery roads. On the other hand, dual-motor electric scooters  handle and distribute their weight exceptionally through the double motor, one at the back and one at the front. They are the best choice if traveling down and up the hills, especially for handling turns and swifts.

3. Commuting Needs

If you need an e-scooter for traveling on steep but not slippery and wet roads, the Varla Falcon single-hub motor is an ideal choice as they offer a good grip for high and low terrains with a powerful hub motor of 500W and a speed of 22 mph.

Subsequently, the Varla Eagle One dual-motor electric scooter offers an exceptionally powerful motor of 1000W x 2  and a wonderful speed of 40+ mph. It can handle all kinds of difficult roads and terrains and performs best while traveling on sharp turns and edges. So if you dare to experience the wildness and roughness of nature, go for the Varla Eagle One dual-motor electric scooter.

4. Skill Level

The single-hub motor electric scooter is a good option if you are a beginner at traveling on terrains. It also offers the grip and comfort of traveling in heavy traffic, so one is safe while driving a single-motor electric scooter. At the same time, a dual-motor electric scooter is a terrific commuting way for people who like thrill and speed during their ride. While this e-scooter is best for traveling on rough terrains, it is inappropriate for use during heavy traffic.

5. Comfort and Safety

Because a single-motor electric scooter offers suspension, brake, and speed comfort to all kinds of riders, it is a good choice for people who prefer safe and comfortable rides. However, for people who like to have a speedier ride with high suspension and traction, a dual-motor electric scooter is ideal for them. It provides stability and comfort while offering top speed and acceleration even for the hardest routes.

Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters for Adults (Varla Eagle One, Varla Eagle One Pro Dual-motor Scooter, and Varla Eagle Falcon Single-motor Scooter)

To select the best electric scooter for adults, an individual must first identify their riding needs and preferences. The Varla Eagle One dual motor electric scooter offers 40+ mph speed, 40 miles per charging, 1000Wx 2 dual hub motor, and a 30-degree climbing angle. It can easily handle 330 lbs of weight, even on high terrains. With dual LED lights and dual shock absorption, it is a good choice for climbing terrains, even if you are not well-trained.

On the other hand, the Varla Eagle One Pro is also a dual-motor electric scooter that can handle all kinds of terrains, no matter how high, rough, or wild they are. It offers an increased speed of 45+ mph, a 45 miles per charging limit, and a 35-degree climbing angle, making it the best choice for an adventurer. The 2 charging ports, dual hydraulic brakes, and dual shock absorption make it a safe riding option for rough terrains.

The Varla Falcon single-hub motor scooter offers 500W power, 22 mph speed, and 265 lbs weight handling, making it a decent option even for amateurs. The dual suspension and dual LED lights provide a safe and comfortable riding experience, even in darker times. So you can easily use it on the road and on terrains that are not too steep. So, the Varla Falcon is a good choice if you are an amateur looking for a safe riding option. Depending on your speed and climbing preferences, you can choose from Varla Eagle and Varla Eagle One Pro. They offer amazing, powerful riding experiences to thrilling riders who often visit terrains.


Choosing between a single-motor and a dual-motor electric scooter entirely depends on a personal choice. Based on speed, comfort, suspension, load, and weight preference. If you want a fat tire scooter for rough terrains, use a dual-motor electric scooter. However, for daily usage, a single-hub electric scooter works the best. Whichever you opt for, head out to Varla to get the best kind of electric scooter for yourself.