FIFA World Cup 2024: 5 Biggest Surprises so Far


The first round of the WC is in the books, and we have already witnessed some big surprises, which is why we have focused on the main ones so far.

Wales versus Iran

Many would state how this Iran team deserves much more credit as there are some great players, and that’s right, but after their initial loss to England in the first round, many people thought that Wales would do much better in this game. Yes, this Wales team is not the same one that played last time, but a team that has Gareth Bale, Ramsey (regardless of his current form), Davis, and Hennessey must be a favorite. Now, who would think that the goalkeeper would be the one to make such a mistake as Hennessey did? If someone has enough football experience, it’s him, but that’s precisely what happened. Namely, his bad judgment was something that helped Iran’s national team get the win they rightfully deserved, even though they had much less ball possession. Overall, their 20-plus shot at goal was rewarded with two goals in extra time, which gives them a chance to go to the knockout stage, leaving Wales to look for their ticket against England and hoping that other results will be in their favor.

Germany versus Japan


Now this game was one that every football enthusiast will surely remember, as it really had everything. Ninety minutes of pure attacking football that cannot leave anyone indifferent, and the comeback from Japan just sweetened the entire game, that’s if you are not a German national team supporter, of course. Germany had better chances, a higher possession of the ball, and more shots at goal, and they scored just when needed, but in the end, it’s the result that matters, which states that the Japan side was better.

As for why this is such a surprise, well, even though this German team isn’t the best we saw at WC before, it’s still Germany, and there are still many world-class footballers, but they simply didn’t have luck in this game. Another thing that doesn’t go in Germany’s favor is that they now must win against Spain if they want to hold everything in their hands before the game against Costa Rica, but from what we could say, that would be a tough task for the Hansi Flick boys.

Netherlands versus Ecuador


Okay, this is not that big of a surprise now, after we watched the Netherlands against Senegal, as the score doesn’t tell the entire picture, but it’s nothing wrong to expect the Netherlands team to win against Ecuador. Namely, even though they were better in their first game, Senegal also had some pretty good chances, and the final result could have been much different if Boulaye Dia or Idrissa Gueye’s shots were more accurate. The entire game was even, which is why this draw against Ecuador doesn’t come as that big surprise or upset, but it is still a match that this Nederland team should easily win. Since that didn’t happen, the battle for second place would be extremely interesting because Nederland should have no trouble in their third match against the host Qatar.

England versus the USA


Another match in this WC that ended up as not many people expected was a draw between England and the USA. England surely is one of the peoples’ favorites thanks to the strong league, which is among the five strongest in the world, while the USA was considered an outsider, so many people expected that England would win this match routinely. However, it didn’t happen as this game ended without goals, and the USA showed it could be a worthy opponent.

There were good chances on both sides, but unfortunately for football fans, there were no goals as everyone expected, but the fact that the ball possession was about fifty-fifty shows that Americans have played great football. Thanks to one point from this game, the USA still has a chance to get to the knockout phase, which would be a great success. However, they need to win Iran in the final round, which will not be easy, as they are one of the best surprises in this competition.

Argentina versus Saudi Arabia


There is no need to write about Argentinian players, as most football fans are familiar with them, and it is enough only to say that Argentina is one of the main favorites for raising the trophy at the end of the WC. Many believe that Messi is still one of the best footballers in the world, and since this is probably his last WC, he will do anything to end up as a winner. On the other side, Saudi Arabia’s national team is not that famous, and their results in world competitions are not so great, which is why their match against Argentina drew so much attention.

Thanks to the great discipline and performance of each player, Saudi Arabia has probably been the biggest surprise in this WC until now, as they won against Argentina in their first round. It gives them real chances of passing to the knockout phase, although no one has expected that since they are in the same group as Argentina, Mexico, and Poland. However, it will not be easy as there are still two games to play, but they are now in a much better position than Argentina.

Final thoughts


World Cup has just started, and we already have some great surprises to talk about. It is what these big competitions are all about, as there is not enough excitement if only the favorites win, and many people are delighted when some weaker opponent makes a miracle. No one can tell what will happen next, as the winner is never certain, and all we can do is sit, watch really quality games and enjoy them. However, if you want to read more facts and maybe try your luck in some popular casino game while waiting for the next match and the next big surprise, visit Slingo.