6 Tips on How to Find a Private Investigator for Your Case

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Finding a private investigator for your case might look like one of the easiest decisions you can make. However, when you take a look at it more clearly, you shall see that this is not the case. Sure, you will come across a high number of options out there, but not all of them are equal, no matter how you look at them.

Some of them are quite competent in one field of work, while others specialize in a different field. In any case, you need to go through a high number of names before you can find the option that suits your needs the best. As you can presume, this is quite a lengthy process, and you should arm yourself with patience.

If you need these services, and you don’t know where to start, then you should visit Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. Today, we want to discuss the most important tips that can help with finding the right private investigator in your case. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Check the Licenses

Source: issinvestigation.com

The first, and most important thing you need to pay attention to, is to take a look at the licenses the private investigator has. Of course, these professionals usually have these on their websites. So, you will not need to invest a lot of time before you can find them. Naturally, if you cannot find these, you should ask the professional to provide them.

We can draw a parallel with pretty much any other field of work out there. You will certainly not hire a constructor that doesn’t have all the licenses needed for taking care of this work. Hiring someone who doesn’t have any licenses of this sort opens a lot of space for potential problems, and you don’t need them.

So, nobody should be surprised with why private investigators should have these. These licenses are updated now and then. For this reason, you should see whether the one you’re seeing has expired. You will not know the reason why it hasn’t been renewed, and this is a chance for having a problem in the future.

2. Proof of Insurance

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Making sure that the private investigator is insured is a really important thing. Without it, they cannot function properly and will be limited in doing a high percentage of their work. At the same time, it provides the client with a layer of protection since the client will be shielded from all the potential financial damage caused during the job.

If something like this happens, the clients can avoid getting sued, and instead, they can seek compensation on the behalf of the private investigation company. Naturally, you should know as much as possible about proof of insurance, and you should ask for the proof of insurance before you sign the contract.

3. The Price is not Crucial

Finding the products for the cheapest price is not always the best strategy to undergo. Sure, it can be quite attractive for people to choose the cheapest one, especially if they are on a budget. The right approach is to seek quality over quantity if you know what we mean. Cheap prices don’t guarantee anything, and you should be aware of that.

On the other side, the biggest mistake you can make is to find the heftiest option out there. Doing so without having an insight into all the services these companies provide is the commonest mistake out there. As you can see, price is not a crucial element, and it shouldn’t be the main drive-force behind your decisions.

4. Work Sample

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If possible, you should ask a private investigator to provide you with some work samples. For instance, if you need a professional who can take high-quality and detailed pictures, then you should see whether is it possible to get a sample. If yes, you can compare it to some other similar companies and find the one that suits your needs the best.

From our experience, private investigators are quite transparent about these, and you will have no problem getting a work sample from them. Also, by taking a look at their reports, you shall have a good idea about how serious their work is, and what you can count on. For all these reasons, asking for a work sample is an absolute must.

5. Ask about Training

Understanding the expertise the professional has is essential. By understanding it, you can understand what can be done in certain cases, and whether is it possible to overcome certain issues. For instance, be sure to ask whether the private investigator has been a part of the police force. It will determine whether they are competent in an array of skills.

If not, see whether the company that offers these services has certain educational courses for their workers. You will find numerous cases such as this one. So, you will be able to see what fields where they specialize in. As a result, the professional will not have any problems during the investigation and will complete all the tasks at hand.

6. References and Testimonials

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Finally, we want to point out the importance of references and testimonials. Many do not consider these to be valuable sources of information, but then you scratch the surface, they are important. The reason is quite simple, people share their first-hand experience about a certain company with others on the internet.

The main problem people find in testimonials is that they are often fabricated by the companies they are addressing. Naturally, you will not know whether that’s the case. To ensure them, you should pay attention to the places outside the website where you can find information such as this. That way, you will have a way to double-check them.


Finding the best possible private investigator for your case is not a simple thing to do. Here, you can check out a couple of tips on how to find the one that fits your needs and preferences. We’re certain you will find them to be useful for you.