What to Do if Your Goodreads App or Website is Not Working


Today, we rely heavily on the internet. It is our world, and we’re enjoying it. The appearance of the internet and modern technology changed the way we live our lives. Books suffered from it too. Well, suffering is a wrong expression, but, in the not-so-far-away future, we’re no longer in need of physical copies of books. Thanks to the apps such as Goodreads we can read on our smartphones, computers, or tablets. Are you one of the people who rely on this app instead of reading a physical copy of a book or newspaper?

There’s some charm left in reading a book you’re holding in your hands. But, you can’t buy and store all of the books in the world. You might try, but that would make you a librarian. The better option is to have them all in the palm of your hand. Goodreads offers this option. But, as all things internet, this app and its website are not perfect. Some malfunctions can happen, and they happen from time to time. Have you had bad experiences with it? If you had and you didn’t know what to do, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see what to do if your Goodreads app or website is not working.

Check if It’s Down


This should be your first option. Sometimes the app just has a bug. It’s nothing wrong with it, and it will be up and running in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, you might be the problem. Sometimes everything works fine with an app or a website but your tablet, laptop, or smartphone isn’t working properly. To ensure that the Goodreads is the issue you need to visit isdownstatus.com and see for yourself if the Goodreads app or website is down. Yes, their database might be malfunctioning or they have server issues. The website we’re suggesting will cast away all of the doubts you might be having. They’re monitoring real-time changes on every website you type in their search bar. It should be your first stop when your favorite website isn’t working and Goodreads is no exception.

Use a Physical Copy


Easier said than done. But, it is an option. Goodreads is a great website. You can find books there, reviews, newspapers, quotes, and various other written material. Its database is what made it so popular. Being an Amazon subsidiary also helped. But, when a time comes that you can’t log on and it simply isn’t working you need to find an alternative. If you don’t have the materials you’re looking for in a physical copy, just read something else for a while. You can pick any book from a shelve and read for a while, while the issue is being resolved. Most of us have a book or two in our homes or apartments. Newspapers will do too. For example, behind me, I have a hard copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune and Steven Erickson’s Gardens of The Moon. Which book will serve you as a distraction while Goodreads is getting back up?

Find an Alternative

If you determine that Goodreads is truly down, and you don’t know when it will get up, you are not left with many options, if you’re not into reading physical copies of books. So, once you’re feeling betrayed by this app and its website you might be better off searching for an alternative. The Internet is a vast place and Goodreads is no longer the only player in this domain. Yes, it might be a leading player, but things change. Alternatives exist and all you need to do is to find them. A simple Google search will do the trick. Once you type the ‘Goodreads alternatives’ into the search bar on your browser names such as The StoryGraph and LibraryThing will pop out. You can also rely on Bookly, Libib, and BookSloth. As you can see there are other options. You are not tied to Goodreads eternally. Once you explore a few options you have at your disposal, you may be better off with some other app.

Write a Review


Goodreads are an old website. The main complaint that users have, in addition to being down from time to time, is that its design is outdated. The good people behind it know this, but it would seem they are not reacting or making a change. While one review or complaint won’t push them to do something a few hundred might. But, people are sometimes too lazy to take action. Don’t be one of those people. When you experience a website malfunction, especially if it’s not the first time happening, you need to write about it. They have a review section, and you can leave your opinion. You can even write directly to them pointing out mistakes their website is having, and the danger of losing a loyal customer. Don’t be lazy when writing your opinion. Be detailed, and honest. In no time people will be reading your review on this app, and be inspired to do the same. With this approach, you might instigate a change.

Be Prepared


When you first experience a Goodreads or any other app crash you’ll be baffled. But, if it is a repeated occurrence you’re better off being prepared. These crashes don’t last for too long, but sometimes you don’t even have minutes to waste. Or you simply can’t wait to read the next chapter of a book. This probably happened to everyone with the books such as the Game of Thrones or Harry Potter series.  So, what you need to do is to be prepared. The wait is worst when your mind is not occupied. As we said, have another app ready to be installed and used, carry a physical copy of a book always with you, or simply play a game on your phone or read something else while you wait.

Bottom Line

Having your Goodreads app down is an unpleasant surprise. But, it happens. At least now you know what to do. Have this article bookmarked for the next time you experience a malfunction with this or similar websites.