Top 20 Most Popular Female Rappers in the World 2024

Top 20 Best Female Rappers in the World 2024
Image: @theestallion (Insta)
Top 20 Best Female Rappers in the World 2024
Image: @theestallion (Insta)

Rapping is not a piece of cake and not everyone has got the skills to win the game. We have gathered the names of the top 20 most popular female rappers in the world as of 2024 who are currently being most viewed, listened and followed around the globe.

Most of them started their careers through SoundCloud and other social media platforms while some signed deals with record companies. Let’s check out who they are, what they have contributed in 2024, and what achievements they have accomplished.

1. Megan Thee Stallion

The 26-year-old rapper is on the top of our list who is currently ruling the rap world in 2024. The power of social media brought the lady in the spotlight when initially she posted her videos on Instagram. Famous for her tall height, Megan has released various songs in 2024 including “Beautiful Mistakes”, “I’m A King” and “Body”. Her collaboration with Beyonce for “Savage Remix” brought fame and name to her in 2024. Furthermore, Megan Thee Stallion has won three major awards — three Grammys, one Billboard, four Bet Awards, including Best Female Hip-Hop Artist in 2024.

2. Doja Cat

Originally known as Amala Dlamini, this 25-year-old singer started making music in her teens. People started noticing her when she released a few songs on SoundCloud. Her 2024 released song, “Streets” gained worldwide attention as her twerking went viral. She has collaborated with singers and rappers like SZA, Gucci Mane, and many more. She is widely popular among the TikTok and YouTube community.

3. Saweetie

Originally named Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, Saweetie is seeing an upward trend in her career graph. Having tasted some success previously with songs like “My Type” and “Bitch From da souf”, she is set to release Pretty Bitch Music. One of the singles from the album features Doja Cat. The rapper signed a deal with Warner Records in 2018 when her debut song “Icy Girl” got Platinum. Her luxurious life displayed on social media is being extremely admired by her fans.

4. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is the inspiration to many of the female rappers mentioned in this list including Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more. She is known for the provocative lyrics in her songs and quick rapping. Her career began in 2014 and still in 2024, among the competitors giving tough competition, Nicki Minaj is still popular, most followed, and also among the richest female rappers. Not only this, on Instagram, she is one the most followed rappers with 22 million followers in 2024.

5. Cardi B

In 2024, she released “Up” which was very much appreciated by NME magazine and her fans around the world. Started her career in 2015, Belcalis Almánzar (professionally known as Cardi B) gained fame through Instagram and Vine after she started making her videos public and started winning the hearts of the people. Cardi B is one of the most influential personalities in the world. She has been named Woman of the Year by Billboard and considered one of the influential rappers by Forbes magazine.

6. Mulatto

The very young Mulatto (originally known as Alyssa Stephens) was named MTV’s Global Push Artist for the month of February 2024. She participated in a reality series in 2016 and the same year she released her first song “No more Talking”. Since she was bullied because of her skin color, she chose the name “Mulatto” referring to a racial group. At a very young age, she started writing songs and made up her mind about becoming a rapper.

7. Kash Doll

Collaborated with Iggy Azalea, Meek Mill, K. Michelle, and Big Sean, Kash Doll was once a business student but her fate and interest brought her to the entertainment industry. Initially, she was a strip dancer but while being a dancer she rapped and earned a good amount of money. Released in 2024, her song featuring Tee Grizzley’s “Bossa Nova” is a must-watch as it has an animated music video.

8. City Girls

This hip-hop couple, City Girls has the members Yung Miami and JT. The 90s born girls are enjoying getting love and compliments for their amazing rapping especially their vocals in Drake’s song “In my Feeling” got high attention. They belong to Miami and had a rough childhood. Both the girls were strip dancers at the age of seventeen and have been fond of rapping for a long time.

9. Lady Leshurr

Known for her freestyling, Lady Leshurr is another name among the top female rappers who are being highly watched, listened and followed by numerous people in 2024. She told that since a very young age, she was introduced to music by her parents and she grew up listening to Bob Marley and Sister Nancy. Lady Leshurr is a British singer and usually performs in genres including Hip Hop, dancehall, and grime.

10. Tierra Whack

You might also know her by the name Dizzie Dizz, the singer who started her career in 2017. She signed with Interscope Records and released three songs. Her songs are amazing with her original voice in the background and her different voice from the original vocals. Her first album Whack World got admired and appreciated worldwide.

11. Bree Runway

The rising star Bree Runway was interviewed by Vogue Magazine in 2024 in which she shared her experiences of being bullied, how she gained up confidence, what she felt for performing for Michelle Obama at school, and much more. The English rapper started her career in 2015 and believed that she blends multiples genres in her music including pop, rock, country, hip hop, and many more.

12. Young M.A.

Young M.A. (Me Always) was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018 which is quite a big achievement. She was featured in Eminem’s “Unaccommodating” and working with such a great superstar added value to her image and reputation. Other than that, her confidence and self-worth make her shine out. She is so confident with her appearance and looks that she doesn’t take the help of makeup and this is what makes her different from the rest of the female rappers.

13. Yung Baby Tate

The young girl at the age of 13 started making her own music, as she was brought up in a musical environment since childhood. Her mother is the singer, Dionne Farris and her father is the musician David Harris. In collaboration with Breen Runway, she released her single “Damn Daniel” in 2024. She mentions Nicki Minaj, Future, her mother, and some other rappers and singers as her influences.

14. Tay Money

A viral sensation on Tik Tok, Tay Money (originally known as Tay Watson) is also a hairstylist and a model too. She has collaborated with Flo Milli in “Asthma Pump”, Saweetie on “Bussin 2.0”, Key Glock on “Friendly” and many more. In 2024, D Magazine featured her as one of the top hip hop artists from North Texas 2024. Still, in 2024, Tay is enjoying a great fan following on social media and views on YouTube.

15. Flo Milli

The 21-year-old Flo Milli appeared in the music video of G Eazy’s single featuring Mulatto along with Saucy Santana, Jordyn Woods, and Rob Schneider. Premiered in March 2024, Flo Milli was seen with Yung Baby Tate in the music video of “I Am”. She started her career professionally in 2019 and within 2 years, she has made her name to this list among the top rappers.

16. NoLay

NoLay started her career in 2005 and since then she is still a ruler of millions of hearts with her rapping and appealing voice. In 2016, she met an accident that affected her physical condition a lot but she recovered and continued her career. Her gritty rhymes are something that makes her relatable to the rapper, Ghetts and people call her his male version.

17. Erica Banks

Have you taken the “Buss it” challenge on Tik Tok yet? If yes or no, know that this viral challenge originated from Erica Banks’ song “Buss It” song on which the whole Tik Tok community along with famous celebrities were found twerking on the song. The 22-year-old rapper started her career through Soundcloud in 2017 and gradually got fame with the passage of time.

18. Ms Banks

In 2024, Ms Banks appeared with Doplado and Oxlade in “Interest” and people went crazy as reflected in the YouTube comment section where they praised the chemistry between the singer and recognize their surety that as long as they see Ms Banks in a song, they are quite sure that the song is going to be a big hit right away.

19. Enny

Enny has collaborated with Jorja Smith, Amia Brave, and many other celebrities in her songs. The 26-year-old rapper self-released her first song in 2024 and within a short span of time she has now been listed among the top names of the industry. She was interviewed by GQ Magazine in which she told about her celebrity crush and her starstruck moment with J Cole.

20. Kelow Latesha

The 2024-release of Kelow Latesha’s “Two Girls and One Cup” has surprisingly not that many views on YouTube but the fans got crazy over it and expressed that the song is quite underrated and needs more attention. She enjoys having minimal makeup and pays more attention to her hairstyle.

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