6 Reasons Why the Real Estate Market in North Topsail Beach Is Booming


Topsail islands have more than what meets the eye. With a history of over 1000 years, the Beach has become one of the best tourist spots in the world. Today, you can also reside in some of their luxury real estate with a simple process through professional associates and real estate agents. It is a 26-mile gem of a coastal island with pristine sands and an expanse of beautiful, affordable beach living.


Such a beauty requires more than just tourist visits, a permanent stay. If you are considering purchasing a beach house on the Beach, you have come to the right place! Given below are specific statistics and reasons that can justify your purchase investments in a luxurious home in North Topsail Beach:

North Topsail Beach Real Estate Market Overview

Real estate in North Topsail Beach is booming, and the numbers don’t lie. The median value of houses in this area ranges around $298,618, seeking about 3.2% growth in the past year and another 1.8% fall this year. Looking at the price from square feet, the price listing is averaged out to $250, making the current homes cost $370,000. In Topsail Beach, the average house is worth $571,106. Home values have increased by 11.5% in the last year, and according to studies, they will increase by 0.7% in the following year. Topsail Beach’s median house cost per square foot is $344. Homes are presently listed for $559,000 on average.

In the last ten years, Topsail beaches have decreased at an annual rate of 0.15%, with an overall appreciation of 0.17% at the state level. Today, the average annual growth rate is 0.13%. Rents range from $1,167, which is higher than $877 and $1023 highs and lows around the nation.

Popular Reasons To Buy Real Estate On Topsail Island

While its baffling beauty is enough reason to consider the investment, North Topsail island and coastal property offer you a plethora of reasons to do so right now. Associates can significantly facilitate the purchase by making some of the best property listings at competitive prices. To have the most affordable and luxurious listings of North Topsail Beach Real Estate, visit this site and look at the best condos and single-family homes at the most competitive pricing, top-notch assistance, and hassle-free buying experience from reliable associates. In the meantime, here are a few reasons to strengthen your resolve:

●     Affordable Beachfront Living


Beachside living costs around $20 million worldwide- but luxury beach-style living is less luxurious when it comes to Topsail. With the least amount of crowds and high-quality living at an affordable price, North Topsail Beach provides a wide price range that can also fit your budget. This area sets off a laid-back and tropical feeling coupled with the townish and quiet experience away from the chaotic big cities. Amenities are also readily available at your disposal.

9-Year Trends North Topsail Beach Average North Carolina Average National Average
Growing population 0.14% 1.06% 0.69%
Residential property prices -1.04% 1.25% 0.97%
Residential rental prices 0.66% 2.46% 2.40%


●     Perfect For Permanent Residences, Retirement, And Investment Properties:

Topsail island meets more than one category of residents and is also the home for potential dream luxuries. This place attracts most vacationers and tourists for its blissful atmosphere while staying at luxurious and top-notch vacation homes. People ranging from tourist backgrounds to settlement watchers to retirement planners come here for their exquisite stays and property options with a variety of budgets for different classes of people.


●     High Property Appreciation Rate

Another reason for the flourishing property market is the massive opportunity for appreciation. Investing in a long-term home can also fetch reasonable prices when you put it up for sale in the future. Topsail beaches have stable real estate markets, fetching people a stable annual increase in appreciation.

●     Stable Population Growth

There will undoubtedly be less demand for residential housing if a location’s population is not growing. Low population growth is a factor in falling rent prices and market values for real estate. The improvements necessary to entice businesses and families to relocate to the area cannot be made in a deteriorating market. You shouldn’t put a place on your list with weak or declining population growth rates. You should look for constant annual population growth, much like you would with property appreciation rates. This results in rising rental prices and real estate market values.

●     Low Property Taxes

Property taxes are one of the top factors to consider when enlisting property. High property tax markets must be eliminated, and tax rates that are continually increasing are typical property markets. A city’s property tax rate rise may occasionally cause other economic indicators to perform poorly.

The local government has inadvertently overestimated the worth of some real estate parcels. In this situation, one of the top North Topsail Beach, NC, real estate tax reduction specialists might request that the local government examine and perhaps reduce the tax rate. But if your case ends up in court, you’ll need the assistance of real estate tax disagreement attorneys in North Topsail Beach, NC.


●     Stable Income Levels

Any “business to consumer” (B2C) business that wants to find its customers looks at the income statistics of the residents. You may also look into particular areas using data on the median household and per capita income. An increase in income suggests that tenants can make on-time rent payments and are not deterred by progressive rent increases. North Carolina and Topsail Beach are at the top of the game in this regard.

Parting Thoughts


Topsail beach investment is a profitable one, with a host of job opportunities and educational quality for families. With a vast diversity of industrial employment opportunities and a relaxing beachside atmosphere, Topsail beach is one of the best places to plan your retirement. The above reasons provide a solid foundation for what the property market is like in North Carolina. If you are seeking to start a company, then school quality is one of the major factors to consider. Luckily, highly evaluated schools and top-notch educational quality is the heart of North Topsail Beach.