31 Sexy Photos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie on the Internet!

31 Sexy Photos of BLACKPINK's Jennie on the Internet!
Photo: Instagram

In early 2012, YG Entertainment literally broke the internet, keeping internet users in suspense as they stormed the web on a frantic search to figure out who the ‘mystery girl’ introduced by the entertainment company is. Thus, even before she got a chance to be introduced as a singer and rapper, the beautiful Jennie Kim had already charmed the world and was poised to become a star.

With her outstanding performance of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” at the 2010 audition hosted by YG Entertainment, Jennie earned her place as the first girl and talented rapper, debuting alongside her three other bandmates as members of South Korea’s leading female band, BLACKPINK in June 2016. Two years after the group’s debut, Jennie Kim made her first move toward a solo career with the release of her chart-topping, platinum-certified, and award-winning ‘Solo’ single in 2018.

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Since her music career began in 2016, the singer has made outstanding and first-time records in her name. With the music video dropped for the song, Jennie became the first Korean female artist to have the most viewed music video in a day on YouTube. Also in 2019, Jennie became the first Korean solo artist to perform at Coachella, making another outstanding career record for herself.

Given her standing excellence as a K-pop star, it is not surprising that the Seoul-born rapper is also making great strides and progress in other ventures as well. Currently, the latest sweetheart and face of the infamous fashion company, Chanel, the Korean singer cum model has got more ambassadorial and endorsement from more brands likes Adidas Originals and Samsung in the bag.

Now that you’ve gotten more acquainted with the chic K-pop star, you wouldn’t mind seeing this awesome collection of jaw-dropping pictures that we’ve got of her. It’s about to get hot in here as you’ll be treated to exclusive and stunning selections of Jennie’s sexy figure in this photo gallery.

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Thanks to Jennie’s Instagram for the photos.