How To Make Things Spicy In The Bedroom With Your Partner: 8 Tips



When people hit a rough patch in their marriage, then spicing up the sex life is one of the easiest ways to bring back the spark in a relationship. However, after a point in time, your sex life might become a monotonous routine that you do not enjoy anymore. If that is the case with you, then you might need to fulfill a few wild fantasies or use a few cool sex toys to spice up things. So if you want to make your relationship more interesting and fun, you should go to VForVibes.

8 Classic Ways To Rekindle The Romance In Your Bedroom


Get Yourself Treated For Any Disorders

Problems like erectile dysfunction might be one of the reasons why your relationship has become less fun. So if you have any such disorders, getting treatment as soon as possible is a good idea. A variety of reasons, like blood pressure levels, diabetes levels, etc., can cause disorders like erectile dysfunction. So a doctor will be able to narrow down the causative factor for your disease, and he will prescribe medicines to manage the condition.

The biggest problem with treating cases of erectile dysfunction is that the patient is often unwilling to accept that they have a problem. Some people might consider such disorders to be a sign of a lack of manliness. However, if you or your partner suffers from any such problems, the first step is to talk about the problem and accept it. There is no need to be ashamed of a medical condition, and once you accept it, it can be managed quite well.

Dress For The Occasion

Most people do not pay much attention to what they wear when they go to bed, but if you want to spice things up, you must dress correctly. Women can go for fancy bralettes, thongs, corsets, etc. Most people do not know the minute differences between these and club them together as undergarments. However, a thong is more comfortable than a regular undergarment. Likewise, a bralette is more fancy than a sports bra. In fact, lace and satin material makes these garments all the more sensuous.

Work On Stamina


Most people have less stamina as they grow old. So building stamina might be a good way to rekindle the lost love in your relationship. There are several ways to build stamina, like regular exercise or a session of meditation. Some people might use an energy boosting pill or a drink, but it is always better to exercise or do yoga rather than popping a pill.

At times people lack stamina because they are simply too wound up or tired after a hard day at the office. If that is the case with you, then you can also use soft music to unwind before you eventually go to bed.

Use Sex Toys


Many people believe that sex toys are for people who want to have fun without a partner, but they can also be used when you have a partner. Sex toys like vibrators are usually highly pleasurable for women. Again, sex toys help to break the monotony of your romantic life.

Ditch The Alcohol

Many suggest that a glass of wine and scented candles are the perfect mix for a romantic night, but it may not be true. Wine, or any alcoholic drink for that matter, may make you sleepy. So if you are not very good at handling alcohol, then you should either ditch the wine altogether, or you should drink in moderation.

Play A Fun And Sensuous Game With Your Partner


You can play a fun game with your partner before you go to bed. You could indulge yourself in a game of strip poker. Whoever has the weaker set of cards has to strip a clothing item in each round. Usually, it is played with a group of friends, but you can enjoy a simple game with your partner as well.

Try New Positions

If you want to change your routine, you must consider changing your sex positions once in a while. Most couples have a favorite sex position, but is it worth trying something new, especially when you feel bored with your regular routine.

Share Some Of Your Wildest Fantasies


All people have some wild sexual fantasies; some people want to sleep with a celebrity, while others want to make out in a weird location. Whatever be your fantasy, you can let your partner know about it, and if the two of you are on the same page, then you can even try it out. Fulfilling a sexual fantasy gives an immense adrenaline rush to the people involved, and hence it is one sure-shot way to bring back adventure in your otherwise monotonous life.

Be Open To Discussion

In a romantic relationship, it is always important to be open to discussion. So if you think that some of your partner’s habits are a turn down for you, you should clearly state it. Likewise, you must also encourage your partner to speak up if they have some concerns. Both parties should, however, be open minded and empathetic to the other’s problems if they have to find a suitable solution.


A boring unenjoyable sex life can be quite tiring, and it can take a heavy toll on any relationship. If you cannot make your partner happy, then there are chances of friction, and it might induce them to cheat on you. So it is a good idea to try out a few classic tips like getting sex toys, fulfilling wild fantasies, and playing a fun sex game like strip poker before getting into bed with your spouse.

Apart from this, you should discuss any problems that you have with your partner. Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction are hard to accept and even more difficult to discuss, but if you or your partner have such issues, it is better to discuss them and then get them treated.