Elixir for Developing Business Web Applications

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With the advancement of technologies, applications are becoming more serious and include many options that users use on daily basis. To succeed in achieving high expectations, developers make powerful languages that can support many features. Elixir is made under the same principle.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a significant increase in the use of Elixir by many companies. However, many people still do not know about the advantages and benefits that this language offers.

In this article, we’ll talk about what makes Elixir such a great language, especially in creating applications in the business field. This will help you decide on a language that will contribute to the quality of the product while improving your efficiency at the same time. Keep reading and find out more.

Functional programming

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This language runs completely on functional programming which is one of the main reasons behind the success of Elixir.

The functions are as small as they can be while remaining extremely accurate. They contribute to the great performance of the application. In addition, due to the small functions, the code is easier to read, which helps novice programmers quickly adapt.

Complete scalability

When creating a business application, scalability is something of a great priority since everyone is looking for future success. For that reason, Elixir’s features are of great help to programmers to achieve the goal of scalability and create an excellent business app.

All of the processes running at the same time are divided from each other and are running independently. In addition, every process has its way of garbage management which helps in prevent lag and makes the app run smoother.

The processes can be also divided by working on different machines that are still connected to the exact network. Because of that, the business application can run smoothly by using all of the cores and providing maximum stability and scaling potential.

Prevents crashes

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Crashes are one of the most feared things in the IT world. That is the reason why both programmers, as well as developers, are trying their best to create an app immune to such a scenario. Luckily, Elixir has a module already built in, which is responsible for the control of each part during unexpected situations.

For example, if the application receives an unexpectedly large number of requests that potentially lead to a crash, this module comes into play. That way, the system gets restarted and resumes work from the beginning. By doing so, you ensure perfect functionality and remain the quality of the service.

Elixir is a powerful programming language, but the number of professional developers is limited. If your business needs programming solutions with Elixir, the best option is to invite a dedicated development team to help. You can gain an Elixir development consultation at https://serokell.io/elixir-development.

Matching patterns

Just by changing the appearance of the code, the entire structure of the program changes. That way, instead of writing code that explains the whole process, now you only write a scheme that is clear and easy to read.

This results in a program that is less prone to errors and sub-critical situations that can lead to a problem and provides stability.

Functionality in real-time

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If you are using Phoenix as your framework, you can create apps that work in real-time so you can evaluate the data that is collected and adjust your work. Using the stock features, you get to create such applications quicker and with less effort than before.

As a business owner, evaluating data such as people connected to your site is a great way to adjust your business. In addition, you’ll know at what time of the day you have the most traffic, the demographic of your target, and many more. Things like these differentiate you from the competition and lead to success.

Ability to observe all layers of the app

The model view controller grants great options such as the ability to observe all layers of the app. With that, you can be sure you are creating something that will last for a long time without any problems. The focus is especially on the business field so you can enhance the productivity and functionality of the app.

Great performance

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Elixir is not fast by default when compared with benchmarks of similar language alternatives. However, the functions written in Elixir are simpler and smaller. With that, they are easier to be scaled and when used all of the cores of the processor of the machine are, you get astonishingly fast results, probably faster than the alternatives.

Highly versatile

Because of the many versatile options that Phoenix offers, you no longer need to rely on third-party tools and gadgets to manage your project. Instead, you can use the stock ones and become more time and cost-efficient while making the creation a lot simpler.

In addition, due to the many features this language provides, it can be used not only for business but for any other field that requires a web application.

Your code is futureproof

As the main developer of Elixir suggests, there are no plans for drastic changes regarding the language which self-explains its stability. New things are added to Elixir only if they are essential for most of its users. If they are not as essential, they will make such changes as third-party options.

With that, the code you are currently writing is set to be future-proof for a long time. This means no need for adjustments which increases the efficiency and productiveness of everyone on your team.


While the transition from casual programming to function can be quite problematic, there are plenty of courses that can be used. Also, some companies offer consultation and advice, or they can create the application for you. Their expertise and experience will bring you excellent results, while you focus on your other tasks.

Elixir has been used by many popular apps we are currently using daily. Thanks to the functional program and the simplification of the code, we can create stable apps a can support various features. This is both useful for the users and the business owners as well.