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It started with a short-worded tweet by Trainwreck about a new streaming platform that was offering a good deal to the players. Soon, it became a buzzword across the streaming world and everyone was yearning to see what was in store. The story is both amazing and incredible. If the platform maintains its momentum, we are likely to see more amazing platforms that will be as big as Twitter.

Popular streamer Tyler said that he had joined the streaming platform as a non-owner advisor and was not an exclusive streamer on the platform. Some of the features that he announced that will be available on the platform include a 95% to 5% split for subscriber revenue, fair terms and conditions and lots of tips to individual streamers. Besides, the platform allows users to withdraw their cash on the same day.

What Distinguishes Kick from Twitch?

Kick vsTwitch

Twitch is the leading streaming platform on the Internet. The Amazon-owned platform has been criticised for its highhandedness when dealing with content creators. First, it has strict terms of service that dictate the kind of content streamers can or cannot post. It also checks the language, affiliation and claims that streamers are making online. To cap it off, streamers only get 50% of the revenue that they generate through user subscriptions.

A collection of these features has made most content creators dissatisfied with the service. Several are also looking for new platforms with better terms. Trainwreck has also criticised the platform for being just a web host that offers no marketing or discovery for the content creators.

These features are in contrast with, as explained above, especially when it comes to revenue-share marketing and tipping the streamers. In addition, is also said to have an exclusive creator program that enables streamers to have a steady source of income based on the viewer count and watch hours. This feature works like YouTube, where watch hours count towards revenue generation. In the case of Twitch, only the active subscribers count towards your monthly income.

Another key difference between the two platforms is that does not have hidden terms and conditions that ban streamers without hearing them out. According to Tyler, the TOS section of the platform is fair to streamers as it allows for ethical gambling. Casino streamers have always found themselves on the receiving end of the Twitch TOS due to the nature of their gambling activities. This may be their savior.

Will Kick Dethrone Twitch as the Ultimate Streaming Platform?


This is highly unlikely due to various reasons. First, it will take a long time for to get the fan base that is currently held by Twitch. In fact, Tyler told his fans to give the new platform at least a year to develop. The larger fan base means that it has lots of cash streaming in from both advertisers and subscribers.

Second, has not created the infrastructure required to grow a large streaming platform. It means that it cannot handle millions of subscribers. Therefore, even if gets millions of subscribers in a short period, it will not be able to handle them effectively. However, if the platform proves to be worth the hype, it may attract millions of subscribers and content creators in the near future.

Currently, is backed by Stake Casino. Steak is an offshore casino that has been sponsoring Trainwreck for a long time now. In the future, could partner with other gaming platforms to run It could also have a possible partnership with the corporate world or any other interested entity.

Does have an App? have an App

No. At the moment, does not have a dedicated app for any platform. It means that users have to go to their browsers to connect with streamers, which is sometimes not satisfying. However, the platform recently announced that it will be releasing a mobile app for the major mobile platforms. The announcement was met with joy and jubilation.

Its counterpart, Twitch, already has an app for iOS and Android devices that is free to install. Having a mobile app helps net thousands of subscribers who would like to watch streams on the go. Given that most subscribers have a busy schedule, it is not always possible to sit in front of a computer and watch live streams. Many would like to watch for a few minutes when they get time, and an app is the best choice.

It is not known when the app will be released. However, the platform recently celebrated one million users early in February. The other step will be to establish itself on mobile platforms. An app is the best way for the platform to reach hundreds of subscribers in a short period. Given the complexities of developing an app, may not release one for several weeks or months.

Who Has Been a Part of Kick Since Its Inception?

Kick had been around for less than three months when this article was released. It is quite a short period for any platform that is working against established brands with financial resources to push their agenda. However, thanks to’s connections to leading content creators all over the internet, the new platform was able to gain publicity in the eyes of content creators. Tyler, called Trainwreck, has been instrumental in its success.

Some of the high-profile content creators that have created accounts on the new profile include Adin Ross, who has a huge following on Twitch. Drake, a famous rapper who is a friend to Trainwreck, has an account on the new platform. Tyler has not started to stream on the platform but is expected to do so in the near future.