Best Selling Meet Fresh Desserts and Drinks – Exotic and Unique

meetfresh drinks and deserts

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert chain, and it has grown in popularity over the course of years, not only for its delicious desserts but for tasty drinks as well. Today, we are going to talk about the best selling Meet Fresh desserts and drinks you can find on the menu.

This is the place where you can find traditional Taiwanese desserts heaped high with ingredients such as taro, boba (chewy tapioca balls, mung beans, and herbal jelly that is slightly bitter and a member of the mint family. Meet Fresh is a brand that made a name for itself in Asia for its healthy(ish) desserts made without preservatives. In this article, we will talk about some tastiest entries on their menu, so without any delay, let us get into it.


1. Icy Taro Ball

Icy Taro Ball

Icy Taro Ball is a cold dessert comprised of black pearls, chewy taro balls, and shaved ice. After you order the base dessert, you get to choose to combine it with one of the five ingredients – mung bean & barley, sweet potato & barley, red bean & peanuts, red bean & taro, and kidney bean & rice balls.

After you make a choice, you need to decide on the sweetness level, and there are only two – 50% half-sweet and 100% regular. This dessert is very light and refreshing, and instead of milk, the shaved ice is drizzled with something that tastes similar to palm sugar syrup.

This way, the dessert is made just right, and had it been bathed in milk, it would have likely been too heavy on the stomach and is overall made of very healthy ingredients.

2. Signature Icy Grass Jelly

Signature Icy Grass Jelly

This popular dessert is comprised of taro balls, grass jelly, and grass jelly shaved ice, making it a delicious yet very refreshing combination. You also get one small pack of creamer for it too, which is the milky white liquid in the portion.

3. Eight Treasures Shaved Ice

8 Treasures Shaved Ice

Eight Treasures Shaved Ice is an excellent choice for dessert in case you want to pick up something for sharing. It is much bigger than any other regular dessert, and it is served with ice cream and shaved ice.

It is one of the biggest desserts you will ever see, and it is comprised of various interesting ingredients, including mung bean, sweet potato, barley, red bean, peanut, kidney bean, melon, jelly, and sweet potato balls.

4. Peanut/Sesame Mochi Combo with Almond Pudding

Peanut Sesame Mochi Combo with Almond Pudding

In case you are not a fan of icy desserts, this particular entry from the Meet Fresh menu is something that is highly popular and for a good reason. First of all, it is a beautiful-looking dish, and once you taste it, you will be absolutely overwhelmed by the flavor combination.

Almond pudding is topped with red bean and drizzled with creamer, and then served with chewy peanut and sesame mochi. The mochis are very tasty, but almond pudding is not particularly special as it is reminiscent of the almond cake that you have likely already tried.

5. Hot Taro Ball

Hot Taro Ball

Hot Taro Ball is a delicious dessert served in the Meet Fresh chain, and it is available in two sizes – regular and premium. Same as with some of their desserts, you can also pick the level of sweetness in the forms of regular sweetness and half-sweetness – both variations are very tasty; it just depends on your preferences.

In both regular and premium portions, you can pick different ingredients to add to your dessert. In the regular portion, you can add red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, peanuts, boba, grass jelly, or rice balls, while for the premium portion, you get to choose between sweet potato, taro, taro balls, mini taro balls, sesame rice balls, almond pudding, caramel pudding, winter melon jelly, or barley.

6. Mung Bean Cake

Mung Bean Cake

Mung Bean Cake is yet another delicious entry in the Meet Fresh menu, and it is a pretty straightforward choice that is one of the most popular among customers. These are both tasty and healthy cakes and a perfect dessert that will not sit too heavy on your stomach after a meal.

The cakes are filled with a combination of mung and red beans and are served with two types of mochi – peanut butter and sesame-brown sugar. It is a very tasty dessert and is one of the cheaper entries on the menu.

7. The Volcano of Shaved Ice

The Volcano of Shaved IceCake

The Volcano of Shaved Ice is a real treat for anyone that enjoys cold and refreshing desserts with bits of fruit and low-sugar ingredients. It is among the specialties on the menu and is also a beautifully decorated dessert that is a treat for all senses.

This dessert is doused with two kinds of milk – condensed and coconut. It is sided with egg pudding, boba, and mini taro balls, making it a perfect flavor combination. On top of this treat, you will find one brown sugar-sesame mochi, which is just icing on this delicious cake.


As far as the drinks go, Meet Fresh serves teas in various forms (green, black, winter melon), and they come plain or made up as milk teas. Customers get to choose to customize their drinks with a wide variety of toppings, such as herbal jelly, taro balls, or boba. There are teas and milk teas as well, and here are some of the best-selling choices.

1. Fluffy Black Tea

Fluffy Black Tea

Same as with other drinks served on the menu, no-frills Fluffy Black Tea comes in only one size, and it is big. In case you are wondering what Fluffy means, every drink that comes with Fluffy in its name is topped with cream.

It tastes similar to a very strong Lipton tea with cream on top. Overall it is really tasty and a real treat for anyone that enjoys quality and, in this case, a very big cup of tea.

2. Milk Tea with Mini Taro Balls

Milk Tea with Mini Taro Balls

Milk tea with Mini Taro Balls is a non-dairy drink, and it is one of the unique entries in the drinks menu. When ordering this beverage, you can choose the base on which you want it made – green tea base or black tea base. Regardless of your pick, you will get a very delicious treat.

There are also regular and premium toppings. From regular ones, you can pick between boba, grass jelly, and winter melon jelly, while in the premium toppings section, there is a choice of mini taro balls, almond pudding, and caramel pudding.

3. Fluffy Grass Jelly Tea with Grass Jelly Shaved Ice

Fluffy Grass Jelly Tea with Grass Jelly Shaved Ice

This is another exotic and unique entry in the drinks menu, and as we mentioned before, Fluffy in the drink name means that it is topped with cream. This tea is available in two sweetness levels – regular and half-sweetness.

Same as with most drinks from the menu, you can pick between regular and premium toppings. Regular ones include boba, grass jelly, and winter melon jelly, while premium offers mini taro balls, almond pudding, and caramel pudding.

Final Words

If you want to try something different, exotic, and unique, Meet Fresh desserts has to offer you all of that and then some. It is a chain of dessert locales that serve their treats in unique and tasty combinations that you likely never tried. So if you ever consider visiting and tasting some of these desserts, do not hesitate; we are certain you will enjoy them.