What Do Ladies Think About Men Who Wear Thongs?

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Are guys wearing thongs? Seems like an interesting topic of conversation, doesn’t it? Do you have any opinion on that? What are your views on guys who opt for this type of underwear? If you search for opinions on this topic, you will find some really interesting views. Some are based on personal opinion and others on practicality.

However, we cannot deny that man thongs are a really comfortable model of underwear because they give more flexibility in movement. In fact, you can find here pretty interesting Mens Thongs models, which really look tempting for everyone.

But is this concept generally accepted by everyone?

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The popular women’s thong attracts glances and sighs. There is almost no girl who does not have at least one pair of thongs in her closet. And what about men? For the last few years, the thong has definitely been part of the modern man’s underwear. Many guys do not hide that they are fans of this model, and we can say that a large number of girls like this trend.

However, there are many questions, such as whether these types of clothes are comfortable to wear and whether guys will feel very good in them.

For you, we’ve found a range of interesting responses on platforms like Reddit and Quora, so we’ve put together a few different perspectives on this topic based on that.

Guys think it’s good to have a choice

Although not everyone is a fan of thongs, many guys think it’s good that there is finally enough choice for everyone to wear underwear that fits and feels comfortable. Regardless of age or sexual orientation, they believe that every man should feel confident, sexy, and comfortable, without being objectified.

Very often, people have prejudices about men who like thongs, but we must know that the only thing that affects this choice is the person who wears it.

And what do the girls say?

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We were not at all surprised that the opinions of the female population are very divided on this. For some it is sexy and for others it is unacceptable and that is completely normal. Of course, that amount of textile, no matter how attractive it looks, should, first of all, be comfortable for the wearer.

Most of the girls don’t mind seeing a nice male butt with a thong, while others think that there are much better models for this part of the population.

In a way, we are all used to seeing more women in sexy underwear compared to men. But this does not mean that guys are forbidden to think in this direction. We must all be clear that underwear is an individual choice for everyone and the least we can do is not interfere with it.

In general, many girls find guys in thongs sexy, but there are other aspects that must be considered.

Should men wear thongs?

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Many experts advise that the male anatomy is not suitable for this model of underwear. To a large extent, this is also true, because the male organs need firmer support, and certain models of thongs can cause pressure on the genitals. It’s not really necessary, because the goal is to make you feel comfortable.

Of course, there are guys with different preferences, but also different physical characteristics in their bodies.

What you should know is that there are models that suit almost every man who prefers this type of clothing. Most of the quality thongs for men are ergonomic and follow the line of the intimate region. This is exactly why guys can’t wear women’s thongs, they have to find ones that suit their body shape.

Interesting secrets about men’s thong

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At first glance, the men’s thong looks quite uncomfortable, but we must emphasize that in fact, all activities are possible with this type of underwear. In fact, modern models of men’s thongs provide much more support and comfort than we can imagine. If you want, you can wear them all day without feeling any discomfort.

The men’s thong is a really great example of how you can follow a trend while paying attention to the anatomy of the body, as well as the different sizes. They may seem extremely uncomfortable to us, especially girls, but you must know that there are standards for this type of underwear. Thus, you can find an ideal way to emphasize male sex appeal.

And of course, you can wear this panty model wherever you think it’s appropriate. Many guys save this trump card for intimate moments with their girlfriends. Of course, if you think thongs are unhygienic, we must immediately clarify that you are wrong. It may not be tailored, but less textile means less chance for sweat, bacteria, and unpleasant odors.

Is a thong the ideal choice for men’s underwear? Certainly not, because there are many models that are comfortable. Should those who feel more comfortable in thongs be judged? By no means, because we should never interfere where there is no need. Is the opinion of girls on this topic important? It may not be crucial, but it is really motivating to know that many girls actually approve of this trend.

But in the end, it all comes down to the personal choice of each man who knows exactly what he wants from himself and from the underwear he wears.


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As a review of what has been said so far, we can only add that there is nothing wrong with men wearing thongs. Wear exactly what you are comfortable with, without judging other people’s choices. If you think boxer panties are a better choice, then stick with it, but don’t argue with those who have a different opinion than you.

In the end, underwear is an intimate moment for everyone and everyone knows best what they actually like to wear. This applies to both boys and girls, so it would be good if everyone had an understanding of the different preferences in this matter.

So guys, if you’re comfortable in a thong, then wear it – girls really don’t mind it.