5 Ways to Wear a Winter Hat Even if You Think You’re Not a Hat Person

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Celebrities and fashion influencers choose the hat over all the others more than any other. Style icons have begun mixing unfussy hats into their looks, producing a cozy, elegant appearance that can be readily imitated on most outfits.

There are a few simple methods to add hats to your clothes while still looking fashionable if you’re not a fan of them or are unclear about how to dress them.

1.  Find a hat design that enhances the contour of your face

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It goes without saying that not all hats are created equal. There are a variety of styles. As a result, you’ll probably want to try on several different hats in various sizes and shapes to determine which one complements your natural proportions the best. A hat will grab the gaze almost instantly because it sits so near to your face by nature.

Consequently, it’s crucial to choose a cap that complements your facial shape. Discovering your hat size is important, of course. This is particularly crucial if you want to wear a stiffer hat design. In contrast to flat caps and other types of fedoras, stiffer hats won’t extend as much or adapt to the contour of your head. Click here to find the best winter designer hats.

2.  Choose a hat that goes with your outfit

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Secondly, after taking into account your skin tone, think about how the color of the hat you’ve picked will go with the other colors in your outfit. For instance, if your clothing is predominantly blue and brown, a brown hat would be a safe choice, while a blue hat may work but would be a little more adventurous. A grey one will look good if you are wearing an outfit that features a lot of greys.

Depending on the colors of your accessories and leather items, outfits with a lot of blues can function just as well with a brown or grey hat. In other words, wear a brown hat if you’re usually dressed in brown leather and a grey hat if you’re mostly dressed in black leather.

3.  Pay attention to your hair

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A quick note on hairstyles: Generally, hats look better on people with long hair pulled back or tucked behind their ears. Long hair can be overwhelming if it has too much volume.

How can hat hair be prevented? Before you put your hat on, be certain that your hair is totally dry. You’ll get some hollow, so attempt to wear a style—tied back or smoothed down—that doesn’t appear strange with a flattened top. As soon as you take off your hat, flip over and try to give your hair some volume by running your fingers through it.

4.  Experiment with the styles

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A hat might not be considered a daily item by many people. It is the ideal year-round accessory for any season. Naturally, the type of material and style will determine how this works. An example would be that a straw hat is great for the summer and a beanie and wool hat are best for the winter. By experimenting with various hat shapes and styles until you find the one that works best for you, you may start adding hats to your ensembles.

5.  Accessorize your hat

Choosing hats can be difficult, especially when money is scarce. You might imagine purchasing enough hats to go with every outfit will require breaking the budget. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. One hat can become hundreds with the aid of accessories.

Types of Hats and How to Style Them?

  • Baseball Hat

Combining a baseball hat with a straightforward clothing is one of the greatest ways to wear one. All you need to do to get ready to leave is put on a white t-shirt and some pants. The only thing you need to do, though, is to add one or two more layers to make your clothing look more fashionable. Wearing a leather jacket is one option. Feel free to get inventive with this appearance; the decision is yours.

  • Fedora

Purchase a “decent” fedora. Compared to versions from budget department stores, high-quality felt hats keep their form and color over time. One stylistic suggestion is to slightly tip up the brim instead of wearing it down.

  • Beanies

A flexible hat, beanies can also be worn in non-streetwear settings. Don’t be scared to pair your tailored clothing with a correctly fitted beanie. Rugged toughness and chic tailoring are the right combinations in a winter suit, trench coat, and elegant blue cotton beanie.

  • Bucket hat

You can pair a bucket hat with nearly any outfit because they are so in. You can style it with a plain tee and trousers for a more laid-back appearance and still look hot. Without a doubt!

  • Beret

A killer beret is the fastest way to become the “it” person in fashion. Despite being primarily linked with French fashion, berets are surprisingly universal and may be worn by anyone. They might immediately give your appearance more style and personality. In colder climates, berets are frequently worn and look wonderful with clothing designed for the season. Put together an elegant look by wearing a long trench coat and leather slacks. Stylish miniskirts, long boots, and high heels are acceptable combinations with a beret.

  • Flat Hat

The flat cap is remarkably flexible, punctuating ensembles from smart-casual to classy excellently despite its rustic associations. Think of the fit like a baseball cap, which should not be excessively tight or have excess fabric to prevent an ugly bunching at the top of your head. You run the risk of the mushroom effect if the cap is too large. Additionally, being forced into making paper rounds.


The ideal fashion item that will allow you to add dimension to both your clothing and your style is probably a hat. It has the power to alter an appearance, but it’s crucial to ensure that it’s altering your clothing for the better. Select the appropriate form and color for your body type to make the correct statement.

In conclusion, hats offer meaning to your entire wardrobe and a bold and individual touch.