The Beatles Vs. Queen – Who is More Popular Rock Band Group?

The Beatles Vs. Queen - Who is More Popular Band Group
Photo: thebeatles/officialqueenmusic - Instagram
The Beatles Vs. Queen - Who is More Popular Band Group
Photo: thebeatles/officialqueenmusic – Instagram

From The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, to U2 and Nirvana, all the way to Queen, the world has witnessed the rise to prominence of legendary and popular bands in the entertainment scene. Now, we have two of the most influential and popular bands of all times whose music crossed national borders and placed them on the global scene – The Beatles and Queen!

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When John Lennon and his group came together to form their boy band, Johnny and the Moondogs in the late 1950s before they became The Beatles, little did they know what they were building for. The British teenagers were not just on their way to international stardom, but the epic British rock and roll invasion of American pop music. This movement, in turn, paved way for new British talents and gave them a chance to shine. About a decade later 1970, another British band was born in London, led by Freddie Macaulay. By 1971, the band had Brian May, Roger Taylor, and finally John Deacon.

Both bands were well known and highly influential during the period of their reign in music. Even though these groups are age-long, they remain highly revered and significant across the entertainment industry, as musicians, while they also made some movie appearances.

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So, which of these bands do you think is more popular, the Beatles or Queen?

Record Sales

The Beatles


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With a record of about 600 million units sold out, The Beatles tops the list of the best-selling bands of all time. After hitting their debut No. 1 hit on the UK charts with their single, “From Me To You”, the band went on to open a fountain of chart-topping songs and albums. Apart from gaining 16 UK No. 1 albums and 17 No. 1 singles, the band moved on to do even more on the US Billboard Hot 100. 1968’s The Beatles have been named UK’s best-selling albums of all time, and the artists with the most No. 1 hits of all times in the US with about 20 Billboard No. 1 hits.



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Interestingly, the Queen band has been active for a much longer period than The Beatles did. With 15 studio albums released in its name, the band has recorded more than 200 million records sold, which ranks them as one of the best-selling artists of all time. The crew earned their very first Billboard No. 1 album in the US with The Game album, while their other album, Greatest Hits earned them RIAA’s nine-time platinum certification and has spent more than 400 weeks on the US Billboard.

Accolades and Legacy

The Beatles

The Beatles bagged the prestigious Grammy Awards seven times and even got the Grammy lifetime achievement Award in 2014. They also have multiple-time Diamond and Platinum-certified albums, 15 Ivor Novello Awards, 17 NME Awards, and lots more.

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Although the Queen band members are not Grammy Awardees yet, they have been members of the Grammy Hall of Fame since 2001 and they were the very first band to be graced by the VHI Rock Honors. They also hold 4 Brit Awards, 4 Ivor Novello Awards among others. The band has been named the World’s longest-running fan club for a rock group.

Social Media

For music bands that started way back in the 20th century, the accuracy of social media’s popularity stats is doubtful. However, it had been interesting to find out which of these groups rule on Social Media. Interestingly, Queen leads in this round, with over one million followers than The Beatles on Instagram!

Which band then, is more popular?

Well, there you have it. While many solo artists have proved that you can do it alone and succeed mightily at it, we also have these friend groups who opted for the fun ride as a band, aimed for the top and grabbed their space. Considering that The Beatles were only around for a decade and yet achieved so much, you can say the band reigned indeed. However, both bands remain the top most popular and successful music bands that the world has seen.